Leonardo DiCaprio Wastes No Time, Finds 22 Year Old Replacement

Camila who?

Leonardo DiCaprio Wastes No Time, Finds 22 Year Old Replacement

It looks like Leonardo DiCaprio may have already moved on from Camila Morrone with a young Ukrainian model…

Yesterday, news broke that Leonardo DiCaprio, the Hollywood actor who has somehow only won one Academy Award, and model Camila Morrone had broken up after four years of dating.

Of course, many were quick to jokingly suggest that DiCaprio must’ve dumped Morrone because she’s now 25 years old – DMARGE did a deep dive into DiCaprio’s dating history and indeed, Leo, who is 47-years-old hasn’t dated anyone over the age of 25.

But, given the question “who is Leonardo DiCaprio dating?” will always be a regular search term, it looks like Leo wants to give his public an answer. And so, he clearly isn’t concerned about the multiple people poking fun at his dating habits and has now, in fact, been spotted “partying” with 22-year-old model Maria Beregova – at least, according to The Daily Mail.

DiCaprio is on the far right in the blue shirt and Beregova is on the far left in the black dress. This photo was taken as DiCaprio and Beregova allegedly boarded the same yacht. Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Spread Pictures/MEGA

Photos that were taken back in July of this year have suddenly emerged following the announcement of DiCaprio and Morrone’s split and the images show Leonardo DiCaprio and Maria Beregova allegedly boarding a luxury yacht together in St Tropez.

Reportedly, DiCaprio and Morrone ended their relationship long before it was made public knowledge yesterday, so Leo may have been single when he and Maria Beregova were partying on the yacht together.

Although, other celebrities and friends of DiCaprio were spotted at the same yacht party so DiCaprio and Beregova may just be friends… Watch this space.

Who is Maria Beregova?

Image Credit: @maria.beregova

According to The Daily Mail, Beregova – who’s just 22 years old – is a Ukrainian model who currently lives in London and is studying to take over her family’s pharmaceutical company.

Beregova was married to Ahmed Masoud Abdelhafid, head of a property and fashion empire in Monaco and grandson of Massoud Abdelhafid – Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s ‘right hand man’. But Beregova has seemingly split from Abdelhafid, as she reverted all her social media accounts back to her maiden name just before she was in St Tropez with DiCaprio.

Obviously, there’s no confirmation yet on whether DiCaprio and Beregova are dating, friends or just acquaintances who boarded the same yacht in St Tropez. But if Beregova does want to date DiCaprio she better make her move quick as she’ll be 25 in just three years… We kid, we kid!

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