Lewis Hamilton ‘Thirst Traps’ Fans On Instagram With Very Shredded Summer Body

"Sometimes I fall off but I always come back..."

Lewis Hamilton ‘Thirst Traps’ Fans On Instagram With Very Shredded Summer Body

Image: @lewishamilton

Lewis Hamilton hasn’t just enjoyed one of Formula 1‘s most successful eras since signing with Mercedes in 2013 — securing seven World Champion titles and equalling the existing record set by the legendary Michael Schumacher — he’s also got one of the best bodies on the grid, which he confirmed today in a steamy Instagram upload.

Lewis Hamilton has form for getting sweaty, often choosing climate-defying looks for his pre-race walkouts. This week, however, he kept the sweating strictly confined to the walls of the gym, where he’s been pumping iron ahead of this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix.

After a well-deserved break, the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion is gearing up to take on the track once again. Based on a recent Instagram post, it’s clear he’s been putting in some serious work to stay in peak physical condition.

In an upload to his Instagram story, Hamilton gave fans a glimpse into his intense workout routine, leaving many in awe of his impressive physique. The 38-year-old British F1 legend not only shared a photo of his shredded bod but also included a provocative if motivational message, which could easily be read as a taunt to his competitors and a jab at his few-and-far-between haters.

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Aside from his impressive physique, Hamilton also showed off his equally-impressive array of tattoos while sporting black shorts, black lifting gloves, a retro white sweatband and, of course, his now-signature beaded necklace. However, when it comes to wellness and staying in shape, Hamilton is far from a style-over-substance kind of guy, instead embracing an exemplary holistic approach.

As well as taking regular ice baths — much in the style of our beloved Wim Hof, King of the Cold — Hamilton has also been committed to a fully vegan diet for a number of years now. Whether or not you buy into the ethical, environmental, or health arguments around veganism, its hard to deny that Hamilton’s doing something right after looking at this photo…

The driver may have had ulterior motives for posting this image, however, as news broke earlier today of his record-breaking deal with Mercedes hitting an unwelcome impasse. Though he shows no signs of slowing down in his hunt for a record-breaking eighth world title, it’s reported that the British champ is seeking further assurances about his long-term future within the sport; this picture may have been part of a wider effort to showcase his physical prowess and long-term commitment to the sport that made his name.

Whether he’s conquering the racetrack or the weight room, Hamilton continues to prove that his work ethic and determination to succeed are nearly unrivalled. Whether or not his bosses buy into that, however, remains to be seen.