Lewis Hamilton Is Wearing One Of The Hottest Menswear Trends Of 2018

Taking the OG look into the future.

attends The Fashion Awards 2017 in partnership with Swarovski at Royal Albert Hall on December 4, 2017 in London, England.

No, not a cougar in tow. We’re talking about that distinctive tartan look and Lewis Hamilton championed it like a champion alongside Conor McGregor and Donatella Versace at the recent Fashion Awards 2017 in London.

The four-time Formula One star opted for the red tartan blazer and trousers but went down the unorthodox route of pairing it with a black turtle neck, blinged-out necklace (hello Dwayne Johnson), leather boots and a handkerchief which matched Versace’s dress.

Tartan isn’t exactly new to the men’s wardrobe as it’s been around since the 17th century before making a few notable comebacks namely in the seventies.

Flash forward to the present day and we have tartan 2.0, a bolder approach to the classic look backed up by eye-grabbing accessories.

Could this be the hottest men’s fashion trends of 2018? We’ll let you make that call in the poll below. If you do decide to go with tartan, here’s a handy guide we prepared earlier.