Lockdown Beard: Hilarious Tweets Reveal Growing Frustration With The Trend

But some people like it, too.

Lockdown Beard: Hilarious Tweets Reveal Growing Frustration With The Trend

For many guys, the lockdown period has provided the perfect time to work on their facial fuzz. Without the need to venture outside or go to work, what else is a man to do but see how he could look with a full lumberjack mane on his face? (Besides, growing facial hair out is surely going to yield better results than some home haircuts).

The ‘quarantine beard’ hashtag has been trending for a couple of months now, with men the world-over taking to social media to share the progress of their growth with the wider community.

We’ve already discussed how Australian men can go about working on their quarantine beard, as well as how the results compare with those of men in America (TL;DR, America comes off better). But there’s one community we haven’t heard from yet, the women and partners who have to live with their fellas’ new looks.

Fortunately, social media has once again come to our aid and it seems opinion is, perhaps unexpectedly, divided, with many women loving the new rugged look and praying their man keeps it…

…while some others are simply not fans at all.

But of course, social media wouldn’t be social media without some slightly more obscure posts, such as this user who decided to recycle her boyfriend’s trimmed beard hair…

…while this user, we think (the gif is a little ambiguous), doesn’t like the thought of finding grey hairs in her man’s beard.

While these tweets may only provide a brief snapshot of the current facial hair landscape out there, we think you’ll agree that while opinion is divided, there certainly seems to be a favourable skew towards men keeping their beards.

Let this be a lesson to you then guys, especially the single ones. Keep your beard maintained and you could find yourself picking up easier than ever before.

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