Low Sperm Count Could Be Solved By Drinking More Beer, Study Finds

Scientists have finally found something useful.

Low Sperm Count Could Be Solved By Drinking More Beer, Study Finds

Conventional wisdom on fertility tends to focus on a well balanced exercise routine, kale-shakes and early nights. Some research has even suggested that a child’s intelligence can be positively (or negatively) affected by the father’s fitness level. Which is great; but no fun. Now though, all you budding progenitors have an excuse to lift the flap on a beer or seven two.

Why? In a recent study, moderate alcohol intake was linked with higher semen volume, sperm concentration, and total sperm count. As reported by Science Daily, “In the study of 323 men patients, 9.6% were abstainers, 30.0% drank less than 1-3, 30.3% drank 4-7, and 30.0% drank more than 8 alcohol units per week. (1 unit = 125 mL wine or 330 mL beer or 30 mL spirits, all containing approximately 12.5 g of ethanol).”

“Compared with men drinking less than 1-3 units per week, median semen volume was higher in the 4-7 units/week group, as was total sperm count. Association with sperm concentration was also significant, with a U-shaped trend in groups of alcohol intake,” they added.

“Since the dose makes the poison, they are counselled to limit but not avoid alcohol,” said Dr. Elena Ricci, lead author.

Regarding low sperm counts, the findings were consistent with other research. In Italy, where the research took place, alcohol consumption is common but usually limited to small quantities, and, “This applies in particular to men referring to our Infertility Clinic,” said lead author Dr. Elena Ricci, of the Fondazione IRCCS Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico.

So if you are planning on extending your brood, don’t lay off the tins—but don’t lay into them either… Go European style, compose yourself, repeat after me; moderation is not a dirty word.

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