Man’s ‘Selfish’ Act Leaves The Rest Of The Plane Stunned

If there's one thing you should never do when sitting on the bulkhead, it's this...

Man’s ‘Selfish’ Act Leaves The Rest Of The Plane Stunned

Image Credit: Dezeen

Doing chin-ups on the overhead lockers. Sneaking into business class. Getting into petty arguments about the window shade. There are some things you should never do on a plane.

Adding yet another bullet point to that list is a recent video from Passenger Shaming. The mortifying social media platform late last month uploaded a video which seems to have half the internet claiming “that’s me” and the other half going “what on earth?”

The video, which was originally taken by the “best travel blogger in Croatia,” @kristijanilicic, shows a man living his best life, with no f*cks given, chilling with his bare feet up higher than his head on the bulkhead, his mask lower than his chin, and mucking about on his phone (some reckon having a conversation on speaker).

Watch the ‘worst passenger ever’ strut his stuff in the video below.

@kristijanilicic posted the video to TikTok with the caption: “Your opinion on this?”. Passenger Shaming wrote: “GAME TIME!! Spot all the #passengershaming infractions…aaaand GO.”

Followers were quick to gripe. One wrote: “No shoes, feet on wall, talking on speaker, no mask, but most importantly who wears pants that tight in public.”

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Further critical comments included: “Easier to say what’s ‘right’ with this photo” and “TRASH.”

“Shoes off, feet on bulkhead, mask down, and it looks like a speaker phone conversation in public. The entitlement I stg.”

Others, however, said they had sympathy, and suggested they might, given similar opportunity, do the same.

“That’s me,” one wrote.

“Lolol,” said another.

So: is this the worst passenger ever, or is this just the physical embodyment of all of us? The question will surely continue to divide the internet for the months to come as it is rehashed time after time on Instagram, with its greatly provocative nature.