Mark Wahlberg's Brutal 'Superman' Workout Could Banish Your Back Pain

Toughest way to end a gym session?

Mark Wahlberg just shared the most brutal workout ‘finisher’ we’ve seen in a long time.

Taking to Instagram, the Spencer Confidential and Mile 22 star can be seen doing push-ups combined with floor-less (arguably flawless as well) double leg knee tucks – achieved by hooking his feet into TRX straps and supporting his weight through his arms, gloved hands on the ground.

Posted yesterday, the video has been seen 405,224 times, and was captioned “superman finishers.”


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At the end of the clip (in which the 49 year old actor does 10 reps, under the watchful eye of a trainer) Wahlberg says: “And that’s with a bad back, baby,” looking pleased with himself.

This is far from the first time Wahlberg has shared a workout.

“Wahlberg, with the assistance of F45 coach Shannon Helm, can be seen doing one-legged pushups, his leg balancing on an exercise ball,” DMARGE reported in July, after Marky Mark shared another bizarre-looking fitness circuit.


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“If that wasn’t hardcore enough, he’s upped the ante by using Perfect Pushup handles on top of a Power Plate, whilst also wearing B Strong BFR armlets.”

While that exercise looked a bit gimmicky, as we reported at the time, there might be some science to back it up (while the science isn’t settled on whether or not vibration plate equipment like the Power Plate can reduce recovery time, some fitness experts suggest that because it exercises multiple muscle groups at once, it can reduce how long you need to work out).


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In Wahlberg’s latest workout, however, the benefits are simpler (if more brutal). There’s a great mental hurdle (i.e. it’s bloody tiring) to working your core strength like this at the end of a workout.

However, as Harvard Medical School attests, developing good, balanced core strength is hugely beneficial for your back, helping prevent injury (or as the case may have it, re-injury), as well as your posture.

Just make sure not to work one side of your body more than the other – you don’t want to inflame any underlying imbalances.

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