Mark Wahlberg Takes The Horological Helm With ‘Wavy’ Rolex Daytona

A captain's chronograph.

Mark Wahlberg Takes The Horological Helm With ‘Wavy’ Rolex Daytona

If you overheard someone talking about ‘Mark Wahlberg’s latest flex’ you’d rightfully assume they were talking about his newest workout routine. The Hollywood actor is well-known for his incredible physique, and regularly shares fitness advice on his social media accounts.

But in this instance, they wouldn’t be talking about his biceps, they’d be talking about his latest and greatest watch pickup.

On holiday in the picturesque Ozark Mountains in the American Midwest, Wahlberg shared a photo of him behind the helm of an expensive-looking speedboat, flashing a ‘peace’ sign and showing off an 18k white gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona.

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Captain 😎😂❤️

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Wahlberg’s clearly in full holiday mode, wearing some funky shark-print board shorts and showing off a gut that’s a little softer-looking than usual (although he’s still in spectacular shape – it’s hardly a ‘dad bod‘).

Most commenters weren’t focused on the watch, however – it was Marky Mark’s “trucker tan” that had people gossiping. Even Drake and Josh star Josh Peck weighed in.

“Mark having T-shirt tan lines in this photo proves that he’s one of us and I’m here for it,” the actor and comedian joked.

The T-shirt tan gives off big dad vibes, but not every dad has the panache (or bank account) to pull off the Rolex Wahlberg’s wearing.

This Daytona (ref.116509) is an incredibly classy timepiece and another worthy addition to Wahlberg’s already impressive collection. Retailing for 55,550 AUD, this stunning chronograph features a fixed tachymetric 18k white gold bezel and beautifully finished, deep ocean-blue dial – it’s the perfect watch to wear when you’re behind the wheel of a luxury motorboat.

Well-known for his love of Rolexes, Wahlberg already owns a black-and-white Oystersteel Daytona (ref.116500LN) as well as an iced-out ‘Playtona’ (ref.116576TBR). Other Rolex models such as Day-Dates, GMT-Masters and Submariners also feature in his collection, as do watches from other ‘holy trinity’ Swiss brand, Patek Philippe.

Clearly, his taste in watches is just as superb as his rig.