The Entire Internet Now Wants To Have Matt Smith’s Babies

"Had a sexy dream about Matt Smith last night..."

The Entire Internet Now Wants To Have Matt Smith’s Babies

Matt Smith, while a fantastic actor and absolute gem of a person, has never really been considered traditionally good-looking. And yet, people are suddenly lusting after him… We think the personality of his House of the Dragon character is responsible.

For the last month or so, ever since House of the Dragon was first released, Matt Smith has been the name on most people’s lips. And while some are just praising his incredible performance as Daemon Targaryen in the aforementioned series, many are simply thirsting for the actor himself.

Surprising because – there’s no kind way to say this but – Smith is not a classically handsome man. And yet, a quick look on Twitter will prove there are thousands of people who now find Smith irresistible.

Don’t believe us? Well, our favourite Tweets include, “Matt Smith as a deranged mad man is really hot,” and “Had a sexy dream about Matt Smith last night this is getting out of hand [sic]”.

People are suddenly finding Matt Smith incredibly attractive… Image Credit: Twitter

Clearly, this surge of new-found appreciation for the actor is because of House of the Dragon. But we think Daemon’s personality is the exact thing that’s gotten people all hot and bothered over Smith.

To indulge in a stereotype for a moment, women sure do love a bad boy with a sensitive side. And that’s Daemon Targaryen to a T. He’s arrogant and destructive but incredibly charismatic and caring all at the same time.

And because Smith plays this golden bad boy to perfection, a multitude of people are now finding Smith attractive.

Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen in House of the Dragon. Image Credit: HBO

It must be said House of the Dragon did not put Smith on the map. Prior to House of the Dragon, Smith was extremely well known for his roles in Doctor Who and The Crown.

But no one lusted after him the same way they are now. Which proves that Daemon Targaryen’s fictional character is what makes Smith suddenly desirable.

So to our male readers who may not be the best looking, don’t think you’ll never have the ladies chasing after you. Because clearly, an appealing personality can make even an ugly-looking man (to use Twitter lingo) hot af.

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