The Beach From ‘The Beach’ Is Not As Instagram Worthy As It Seems

Crowds galore...

The Beach From ‘The Beach’ Is Not As Instagram Worthy As It Seems

A travel blogger has shown that Thailand’s Maya Bay isn’t as picturesque as influencers would have us believe…

Influencers always seem to get perfect pictures whenever they go on holiday. And to be candid, those perfect pictures always make us want to go to said destination and recreate the images ourselves.

But there’s a secret talent influencers possess that we mere mortals don’t – angles. How many times have you seen a stunning destination on Instagram but then you get there and it’s impossible to get a nice picture without thousands of other people trying to do the same in the background? We’re betting countless.

Speaking of which: one popular ‘it’ destination, Maya Bay – located in Thailand and best known for being where the Leonardo DiCaprio film The Beach was filmed – is no different. A travel photographer, simply known as his Instagram handle ‘worldpitou’, has recently posted a video that highlights that since Maya Bay has reopened post-COVID, it’s as crowded as ever.

WATCH: Be prepared for crowded beaches if you head to Maya Bay

His footage initially shows clear blue skies, crystal clear water and luscious green rock formations. But then it cuts to the beach which is filled with hundreds of people enjoying the beach. Worldpitou has labelled the footage as ‘Instagram vs Reality.’

The travel photographer also captioned his footage with, “After 3 years of closing, Maya Bay has reopened. Okay, boats are not allowed to stop at the beach [and] you’re not allowed to swim but there are still hundreds of boats on the other side of the island and thousands of people visiting the beach. Do you think these restrictions are enough? I don’t.”

It’s unclear why worldpitou is uncomfortable with Maya Bay easing its mass tourism restrictions. It’s either because he’s concerned crowds will ruin the delicate ecosystem or because crowds make it harder to get that perfect shot. We’re guessing the first reason is worldpitou’s issue with Maya Bay’s reopening.

Sadly, there’s no easy solution to protect Maya Bay’s ecosystem from too many visitors. But if all you’re concerned about is your grid, there is an easy way to avoid huge crowds, allowing for better Instagram-worthy pictures and videos – opt for a cool but lesser-known destination.

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