How To Daily Drive A McLaren P1 In Japan


Not many mortals can meet the lofty asking price of a now sold out McLaren P1. For those who can foot the US$1,350,000 price tag though, the car is often found banished to the confines of a collectors corner, only seeing sunlight from a heavily fortified window.

This is not the case for one Japanese lawyer named Hiramatsu. He drives his British green McLaren P1 on a daily basis through Tokyo traffic and loves it. On the weekends you’ll find him at Fuji Speedway stretching the car’s legs or at supercar meets or the famed Hakone Turnpike stretch of road.

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In this clip McLaren take a closer look at how the Japanese like to enjoy their exotic cars and the philosophy behind owning one. It’s all in a day’s work according to this one humble owner who also happens to be considerate of his neighbours.