Melbourne Mansion With Secret Car Lover’s ‘Man Cave’ Up For Sale

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Melbourne Mansion With Secret Car Lover’s ‘Man Cave’ Up For Sale

Ah, the humble man cave. It’s been called the “last bastion of masculinity”, and every man either has one (or wants one). But not all man caves are humble – just check out this positively palatial one this ritzy Melbourne mansion boasts…

From the outside, 3 Grevillea Close in Hillside in Melbourne’s north-west looks reasonably unassuming… Or at least as unassuming as an acre-and-a-half, 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom suburban palace can be.

But if you head around the back, you’ll discover a fully self-contained, double-storey man cave par excellence, with its own kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, plus a whole-ass 1950s American-style diner and bar located on the second storey.

Not only is the mega-shed completely covered in motoring memorabilia and Americana, but it has space for 6 cars, with the entire property capable of housing 12 vehicles. What a party trick.

Route 66 by way of the Melton Highway… Image:

Speaking of parties, according to the agents, as many as 300 guests have attended special events at the home, which apart from the man cave, also boasts two huge undercover entertaining areas on either side of the house, and tropical gardens with a koi pond, a water feature and Balinese-style hut, The Herald Sun reports.

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They’re hoping for between $3-3.3 million for the place, which doesn’t seem unreasonable… The only catch? The koi fish and diner fittings are part of the sale, but all the motoring collectibles are not.

Guess you’ll have to buy a few Mustangs to fill out the place…

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