Australians Share Their Most Unpopular Opinions About Melbourne

"The lockdown wasn't that bad."

Australians Share Their Most Unpopular Opinions About Melbourne

A recent Reddit thread has got people sharing their insightful, harsh and hilarious ‘unpopular opinions’ about the Australian city, Melbourne.

Depending on where you live in Australia, you’re sure to have some sort of opinion about Melbourne. If you’re a Sydneysider, you might think Melbourne is a terrible place full of rain, strange football codes and concrete.

However, if you live in rural Australia, you might love Melbourne and probably think of it as a holiday destination filled with vibrant culture. No matter your stance, there are many different ways to look at Victoria’s capital city – as proven by a recent Reddit thread.

User Adamjamal1 asked for Reddit users everywhere to comment their unpopular Melbourne opinions, and boy did people deliver.

As Melbourne is renowned for its next-level cafe, bar and food scene, it was surprising to see many say that the food is overrated. One user wrote, “Those Hot Jam Donuts at the Queen Vic Markets are not worth lining up for. Even for 5 minutes,” while another said, “Restaurants have better marketing departments than chefs.” Ouch.

Reddit user dannygreet went so far as to say that the entire city of Melbourne, not just the food, is overrated. Although, they did clarify that they still enjoy living there.

“It’s actually kinda overrated, although I live here and really do like it.”

Reddit u/dannygreet
One Reddit user thinks Eureka Tower “looks pretty good”. Image Credit: Visit Victoria

Another surprising opinion about Melbourne had to do with the city’s tough COVID restrictions – for context, Melbourne spent more time in COVID lockdowns than any other city in the world. But according to user Live-Aspect-9394, “The lockdown wasn’t that bad.”

A few Reddit users also challenged the common belief that Melbourne is filled with “progressive” people. One user wrote, “I get more leftist seemingly progressive (white) people treating me like a racial stereotype the closer I am to the city,” while another said, “the inner/northern suburbs are weirdly classist despite their stereotype of being socially progressive.”

It’s not all bad news for Melbournians though. Many comments praised Melbourne; for example, user SomeCubingNerd wrote, “Public transport here rules. Everyone complains about it but like???? HAVE Y’ALL TRIED PUBLIC TRANSPORT ELSEWHERE? Melbourne has it gooooood.”

Likewise, Reddit user Suibian_ni, showed his love for an infamous Melbourne skyscraper and commented, “Eureka Tower looks pretty good.” Sadly, only one other person agreed with Suibian_ni. And because Eureka Tower is notoriously hated by both locals and tourists, this comment made some serious waves.

One user was definitely too aggressive and replied with, “I’ll kill you!” while another disagreed humorously with the comment, “Cries in architecture.”

If anything, this Reddit thread ultimately proves that every city has both pros and cons. And Melbourne is no exception.

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