Michael Jordan’s Latest Timepiece Shows Why He’s The Watch-Collecting GOAT

The legend continues.

Michael Jordan’s Latest Timepiece Shows Why He’s The Watch-Collecting GOAT

Not content with being the greatest basketball player to have ever graced the hardcourt, Michael Jordan has also established himself as one of the most exciting and respectable celebrity watch collectors on the planet. Just check out his latest watch.

The 59-year-old superstar – better known as an NBA team owner than an NBA player these days – made a rare official social media appearance to show off his most recent horological acquisition: a De Bethune DB27 Titan Hawk JPS (ref. DB27V2JPS) worth a solid US$60,000.

Picking up such an expensive watch would be enough of a flex for most mere mortals, but MJ isn’t your average bloke. Not only is his De Bethune the first customer-delivered example of this new model, but it’s also case number 23 – i.e., the number he wore throughout his career.

Let’s call it GOAT privileges.

Images: WatchBox / De Bethune

Founded in 1992, De Bethune is an independent Swiss watchmaker that’s developed something of a cult following thanks to its highly futuristic, high-concept watches. Most De Bethunes feature a unique case design with floating lugs as well as crowns at 12 o’clock – there’s no mistaking a De Bethune.

As the name implies, the DB27 Titan Hawk JPS features a black and gold colour scheme that pays homage to the famous John Player Special livery used by the Lotus Formula 1 team. MJ has always loved fast cars and motorsports – indeed, he now owns a NASCAR team, so we’re not surprised he’s gone for such a motorsports-inspired watch.

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Uniquely, the watch’s case is made from polished black zirconium and yellow titanium, making it super light as well as tough. The DB27 Titan Hawk JPS is a limited edition of 25 pieces, and as mentioned above, Jordan has #23.

MJ seems to have a thing for super-futuristic mechanical watches. Earlier this year, he was spotted wearing a piece unique from another very sci-fi Swiss watch brand, Urwerk, worth a solid US$200,000. When you sell that many sneakers, you can afford some seriously nice pieces of wrist candy… Check out some of the other cool watches worn by NBA players below.

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