Michael Strahan’s Porsche 911 Stops New York City

Air-cooled cool.

Michael Strahan’s Porsche 911 Stops New York City

Michael Strahan is a beefy guy who likes even beefy cars. The ex-New York Giants player and current co-host of Good Morning America is well-known for having a penchant for pricey performance autos: his spectacular car collection contains everything from vintage Mustangs to AMG darlings and even a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe.

But the man has a particular soft spot for Porsches. It’s not hard to see why: there’s just something about the Stuttgart marque that speaks to people on a primal level. Their sporting heritage, unparalleled design, respect for tradition paired with a subtle quirkiness and spirited character is just unlike any other manufacturer.

The retired American football player-come-breakfast show host was snapped stepping out of a bright yellow 1995 Porsche 993 Carrera RS Clubsport in New York.

I love how the pedestrians are playing it cool but they’re obviously impressed by the 993. Credit: Getty Images

Being that the Clubsport was never sold in the US, Strahan must have recently taken advantage of the 25-year-rule when it comes to privately importing vintage cars to bring this beauty over. It wouldn’t have been cheap too – we’re talking upwards of half a million USD to snag one of these bad boys.

Stepping out in a casual combination of polo shirt and shorts, paired with some lairy Nike Air Max 90 ‘Jungle Camos’, Strahan’s style perfectly reflects his whip: refined, somewhat traditional, contrasted with bucketloads of modern panache.

There’s also something fitting about a yellow Porsche, particularly for such a sporty model like this one. It complements the aggressively 90’s aesthetic of the car perfectly, too.

A lightweight version of the Carrera, the RS Clubsport has a naturally aspirated 3.8L SOHC flat-six that put out 300ps (221kW / 296hp) back in the day. It was a highly race-focused model with a highly fettled engine that also had a short shifter; larger, cross-drilled, ventilated brakes; limited slip diff; welded rollcage; a huge fixed rear wing and body kit; and a whole suite of weight-saving measures.

Imagine doing a Maccas run in one of these. Credit: Getty Images

It’s a real track-focused car with few creature comforts and a whole lot of presence. Many Porsche aficionados (including us here at DMARGE) consider the 993, the last of the air-cooled 911s, to be the purest expression of the 911 experience and one of the finest Porsches ever made.

In short? This RS Clubsport is one of the finest examples of the finest Porsche ever. We applaud Strahan’s taste.

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