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Much like rallying requires a completely different level of driving skill compared to on-track motor racing, mountain biking is in a league of its own if ever compared to road cycling. With fast-downhill descents, narrow tracks through forests or boulders the size of meteors to avoid, mountain biking offers riders an adrenaline-fuelled two-pedal ride.

High-paced action requires high-performance clothing to offer invaluable and reliable protection such as helmets, gloves and pants that won’t tear when you (potentially) come crashing off your seat. You’ll also want clothing that can withstand clouds upon clouds of dust and splashing of dirt and water, because you’re going to let something like a puddle get in your way of a personal best time, are you?

Fortunately, there are several clothing manufacturers who specialise in mountain bike clothing, understand what it takes to enable you to perform to your highest level. Sacrificing nothing in both function and aesthetics, these are the top brands every mountain biker needs to get down and dirty.

Of course, if you prefer the pristine paved roads instead, then feel free to check out our round-up of best cycling clothing we’re loving right now.

Best Mountain Biking Clothing FAQ

What clothes do I need for mountain biking?

Mountain biking is a dangerous sport, so you need specific clothing help better protect you from sand, dirt and of course, if you fall off. You need a helmet, padded inner shorts, mountain bike shorts and a jersey, some gloves, socks and goggles.

What is the difference between mountain bike shorts and cycling shorts?

Mountain bike shorts and cycling shorts are worlds apart. MTB shorts are longer and are built from incredibly durable materials as they are more likely to come into contact with dirt, rocks and other terrains if you fall off. They are also waterproof and offer a great deal of stretch to allow you to move to your fullest.

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