Incredible Photos Australians Really Shouldn't Look At If They Miss Travelling

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Incredible Photos Australians Really Shouldn't Look At If They Miss Travelling

The world is spinning right now. Europe and America are seeing swathes of society succumb to The Bat Kiss, yet citizens are still, in many places, able to travel.

In Australia, despite recent flare-ups, our rates of confirmed COVID-19 cases are relatively low, yet we aren’t permitted to fly overseas at all.

As we figure out how to avoid becoming a hermit kingdom, whilst also navigating what could, if carelessly treated, become a public health crisis, there is a lot of room for navel-gazing.

Since COVID-19 hit, Australia has had lively public discussion around everything from headstands at The Pass to Sydney’s housing prices and the ethics of minimum spends at cafes.

That’s not to mention the perils of chasing that Instagram-perfect shot at NSW’s most picturesque waterfall.

Some of those are more than valid discussions. Others may make you want to pull your hair out. If you’re in the latter camp, you may want to cast your mind – if virtually – overseas again.

Sound familiar? Boy, do we have a picturesque distraction for you. Here are some of the amazing overseas places you can’t travel to right now.

Top of the list? The following photo. Posted last week by Cavo Tagoo Mykonos (a luxury resort where prices start at $1,063 a night), the image depicts Instagram user @vacationwold enjoying sunset drinks in Mykonos with a stunning view.

This is not the first time Cavo Tagoo Mykonos has prompted major FOMO. It’s a regular occurrence, with another recent image, taken by user @chrissbergan, and reposted by @cavotagoomykonos, showing yet more antics Australians are not able to indulge in right now.

Another image, posted on Friday, showcases yet another on-trend destination for February 2021. The Canary Islands. These bad boys sit off the coast of North-Western Africa, picking up Atlantic swell, and providing a warm, wild embrace to travellers sick of London’s cold February drizzle or Barcelona’s bleary beats. Heaven for surfers and holiday-makers alike.

It’s not all about Europe, either, Argentina’s Mendoza is another destination which is best visited in February and which is host to Parque Provincial Aconcagua, one of the best destinations for hiking in the world. Parque Provincial Aconcagua is a protected area in the Argentinean Andes, on the Chilean border. It’s home to snow-capped Mount Aconcagua, South America’s tallest peak.

Speaking of hiking, Positano will give you a leg workout for days, though you will most likely eat your way to a perfectly even weight balance (that’s the idea anyway).

Another epic destination to visit is Senja, Norway. Though it’s best to visit in summer for walking, coming in autumn or late winter (read: February) is a good time if you want to see the Northern Lights.

Finally, the Phi Phi Islands are hard to go past for one of the world’s best ‘mind travelling’ destinations, all year round. Just watch out for the digital nomads.

Before any Australians reading this get despondent, just remember that – even though the spas look better on the other side…

… it’s more than possible to replicate almost any overseas experience here in our own backyard.

Your next escape awaits.

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