Nicolas Cage’s Private Island: Take A Look At The $3 Million Property

It's currently for sale, too...

Nicolas Cage’s Private Island: Take A Look At The $3 Million Property

There’s no denying that Nicolas Cage is an eccentric man; especially when it comes to shopping… Over the years, Cage has purchased a dinosaur skull, a pet octopus and several shrunken pygmy heads.

But the veteran actor, best known for his iconic films Face/Off, National Treasure and, most recently, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, has also made some interesting real estate purchases.

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According to CNCB, Cage once owned fifteen properties which included a US$25 million waterfront house in Newport Beach, California, two European castles – one worth US$10 million and the other worth US$2.3 million – and the infamous, LaLaurie mansion in New Orleans (AKA one of the most haunted houses in the US).

Now, Cage only owns a fraction of those fifteen properties after being forced to pay the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) roughly US$6.3 million in property taxes. Ouch. However, Cage does still own a private island he bought in 2006 for US$3 million.

Nicolas Cage’s private island is called Leaf Cay. Image Credit: Private Islands Online

The island, named Leaf Cay, is located in The Exumas in the Bahamas and is roughly 30 acres. Leaf Cay boasts three beautiful beaches as well as a small pond but, according to Private Islands Online (PIO), hasn’t been developed – meaning there are no houses on the island; not even a shack or a hut.

It’s unclear whether Cage originally planned to build a property on Leaf Cay or whether he was content just sleeping on a yacht whenever he visited the island. Either way, as the island is currently for sale, it seems unlikely that Cage will now (or ever) build a house on Leaf Cay.

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Cage’s private island is on the market for US$7.5 million on PIO, so if you’ve got that much money lying around, not only can you purchase yourself a beautiful secluded private island, but you can also boast that it was formerly owned by the Oscar-winning actor.

And what’s cooler than that? Not much, we’d wager.