Big Hint For Australians Hoping To Travel Overseas ASAP

Juicy news.

Big Hint For Australians Hoping To Travel Overseas ASAP

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Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a plan to fast track the swinging open of Australia’s doors.

The key to making this happen is the fast tracking of the rollout of home quarantine.

If all goes well, according to the Prime Minister’s proposal Australia’s international borders could re-open for vaccinated NSW travellers as soon as November the 1st.

Getting rid of the current 14 days hotel quarantine requirement for vaccinated travellers expected to be a game changing factor in getting travel back to pre-pandemic levels, and trials are currently happening in several Australian states.

Now for the juicy bit: though they did not cite an exact source, reported the following today: “ understands the date being looked at for the reopening of international borders under a home quarantine model is November 1.

They also highlighted some crucial quotes made by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Sunday.

“The NSW Premier and I have been discussing how we can accelerate our plan to open international travel when home quarantine is made available,’’ Mr Morrison said.

“I know the NSW Government is looking at ways to fast track home quarantine in November and if that happens we will be able to move to facilitate the opening up of the international border into NSW sooner.”

“Now, that would mean home quarantine for vaccinated Australians wishing to return home via Sydney and giving the option for international travel for vaccinated Australians to leave and return.”

Interesting indeed.

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