Aussie Icon Osher Günsberg Proves 2021’s Most Feared Haircut Is Here To Stay

"It [is] now officially the new trend."

Aussie Icon Osher Günsberg Proves 2021’s Most Feared Haircut Is Here To Stay

Image Credit: @osher_gunsberg

Osher Günsberg, whose old stage name used to be Andrew G, is a British-Australian television and radio presenter and journalist living in Sydney. He used to be a presenter on Australian Idol, and now he’s a rose wrangler on reality TV series The Bachelor (and its various spin offs).

Günsberg has also taken it upon himself to experiment a little with his hair, taking to Instagram over the long weekend to share a radical new look, which his wife, Audrey Griffen, who is a makeup artist and hairstylist, did for him.

“Thanks for marrying me @audreygriffen,” he captioned the post. “And thanks for giving me a mullet to match the haircut you gave Wolf.”

Osher and Audrey’s son (Wolf) has had the same haircut for some time now, looking: “Sah Bondi right now” according to some of the couple’s Instagram posts.

Osher’s latest post (of his own mullet) prompted various comments from friends and followers, some of which suggest we’re not alone in noticing the mullet making a comeback.

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“Great, no the great Osher has deemed it good enough for his hair, it now officially the new trend,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Reminds me of that Simpsons episode where Burnsey made Don Mattingly trim his sideburns 😂. Congrats btw,” another said.

“Listens to the skeggz once,” quipped another.

Further enlightening comments include: “Now that’s some lockdown haircut” and “Thats [sic] definately a lockdown hair cut isn’t it…”

“This should stay for the next season of Bach,” former Bachelor Matty J added into the mix.

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Whether or not the mullet stays or goes (as a societal trend) remains to be seen. However, Osher appears to have his bases covered, with an easy out into another type of hairstyle available if he so wishes.

More recent photos show him looking apparently back to normal, appearing to have shaved off the back of his mullet (or at least not letting the camera see it) and now simply rocking an undercut.


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