Incredible Photo Shows Parisians' Epic Commitment To Coffee

Liberté, égalité, café...

Incredible Photo Shows Parisians' Epic Commitment To Coffee

Parisians are often accused of being lazy. Flâneuring around like they are in on a secret the rest of us are not privy to (hint: it’s croissants). Eating what they want and being skinny. Drinking until 4am yet still managing to hold down the job of your dreams in marketing.

But hot off the (Instagram) press is proof that (when it comes to coffee) Parisians are committed souls. More committed, in fact, than many Australians who like to think themselves Java Warriors.

Posted to the FOMO wheel on Monday by Paris based photographer Patrick Colpron, the image shows the lengths some Parisians will go to order to get their daily caffeine hit.

“This is Paris,” Colpron captioned the post.

“Yesterday on a rainy day the terrasses were still occupied. [Shot] with a Leica M10-D and a Summilux 50… always something new to discover, taste and experience.”

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The incredible image had followers remarking on the quality of the lens, with one Instagram user writing: “Wow! That’s a fast lens 🤯 I thought it was snow!!”

It also sums up the glorious French attitude to taking a coffee – and how it can improve everything from your day to your mental health.

How? Sitting down and being in the moment enables you not only to better savour the bitter tweak of your tongue, but return to work more refreshed than if you had bought your coffee “to go” (or sat in and spent the whole time at your table obsessively refreshing Twitter and Instagram), as many Australians and Americans tend to do.

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We’ve also written at length about the surprising benefits that can be found behind the fat and alcohol-drenched facade of the French diet.


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