‘What Should I Do?’: Passenger Shaming Clip Sparks Debate

Something's afoot.

‘What Should I Do?’: Passenger Shaming Clip Sparks Debate

Image Credit: @alisonbowles

A viral clip of a disgusting plane act has sparked debate. The clip shows a passenger reclining in such a disrespectful position it inspired online commenters to make such remarks as: “Correct her behaviour by all means necessary” and “Sneeze on them.”

What act might inspire such harsh responses? Watch the video below and find out.

Video: Rude In-Flight Act

The clip shows a passenger putting their feet up and through the gap between the seats in front of them, right on the armrest. The caption reads: “I was laying down and felt this lady’s feet on my head. What should I do?”

Comments ranged from forgiving to enraged (but mostly enraged). One wrote: “Compliments to her pedicure.” Another (professional surfer and Instagram addict Kelly Slater) said: “Paint those nails a different colour.”

Others chose violence. One wrote: “Can you accidentally drop your hot coffee on there?” Another commented: “This is why I carry superglue on planes.” It didn’t end there. Another two comments included: “Slam that armrest up” and “Muay Thai elbow to the pinky toe.”

Yet others were more sensible (but still aggrieved), suggesting the beleaguered passenger (according to @justthepassengershamingtip, who reposted the video, this was @alisonbowles) should “make an exaggerated sneeze sound while flicking some water on their feet.”

“Push that arm rest up. Story over.”

Yet another tale to go into the annals of Poor Passenger Behaviour.

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