‘Perfect Penis Size’ Explanation Will Make Almost Every Guy Happy

"Do you even know what twelve inches looks like?!"

‘Perfect Penis Size’ Explanation Will Make Almost Every Guy Happy

Image: @ceragibson

Time to reach for the measuring tape chaps: a video has surfaced online describing one woman’s take on the perfect penis size and the results may be a lot more to your liking than you’d expect. In a good news day for men everywhere, perfection may be more attainable than you realised

Every man worth his salt has pondered just what he’s packing in his trousers and – more importantly to many – how well that package will be *ahem* received by a prospective partner…

Indeed, the size of your manhood is something of a male obsession. In a world where large-scale studies give us global-girth statistics on demand and the chokehold that internet pornography has over us only seems to strengthen as porn becomes ever more pervasive, it’s easy to get swept up in the mass manhood hysteria.

The problem then becomes one of being overwhelmed: exposed to so much hard data and so many equally hard examples, it becomes all too easy to lose sight of what really matters: what you’ve got, what you can do with it, and how your partner(s) actually feel about it.

That’s where this hilarious new video from TikToker and Instagrammer Cera Gibson comes into play: in the space of only thirty-five seconds, she does a pretty good job of summing up which sizes work best in no uncertain terms…

WATCH Cera Gibson explain what a realistic” penis size looks like below.

Her views will come as welcome news for many men, particularly those languishing on the less well-endowed side of the tracks…

Holding up a trusty tape measure and using her head for scale, Gibson opens by saying “do you even know what twelve inches looks like?!”, before describing it as theoretically “completely unmanageable”, before explaining that a (still mightily impressive, verging on terrifying) ten inches is the biggest she’s ever seen in real life.

Thankfully, half the tape measure then quickly disappears, with Gibson suggesting that five inches is “completely fine”, six is “fabulous”, seven is “almost too big” and eight is “definitely too big”.

Though those measurements are likely to be the area of keenest interest for most men, Gibson continues to work back up the measurement scale to hammer home her point in hilarious fashion…

In Case you were wondering… Image: British Journal Of Urology

Eight inches is a “sick day”, nine is a visit to the “ER”, ten inches is equivalent to joining the “twenty-seven club”, eleven would have her “skipping her next life” together and anything beyond that is “entirely unethical”.

Hilarious as it may be, Gibson makes an important point: don’t let the haters get you down, good things really do come in small, medium, and very-slightly-over-average packages….