Performance Anxiety: Dealing With Mr Floppy During A Hook-Up

What to do when an issue arises, or doesn't, as it were.

Performance Anxiety: Dealing With Mr Floppy During A Hook-Up

Despite your mates telling you “I can go whenever, wherever, forever”, chances are they’ve all fallen victim to some ‘technical issues’ when behind closed doors with a lady. Problems with your Johnson are more common than you might think. The University of Wisconsin has found an approximate correlation of 10 percent of people, per decade, are affected, i.e. 50 percent of 50-year-olds, 60 percent of 60-year-olds.

This means that 20 percent of 20-year-olds and 30 percent of those aged between 30-40, will experience *whispers* erectile dysfunction, in their life. Yes, it’s a condition more common among the older gent, most commonly associated with various health conditions, but that doesn’t mean that young bucks are in fact, always dtf.

And of course, there’s the other issue affecting men in the bedroom that’s a polar opposite: when they’re so excited by the situation they’ve found themself in, that they show it too early.

Without having to resort to the little blue pill, what other remedies are there for guys to help alleviate any future bedroom blunders? So often a source of encyclopedic information, Reddit is one of the first places to turn to for guidance, before you have to make what we would all consider the personal walk of shame, to the GP.

The general consensus is that you should take a break in your solo self-love antics. As great as it is, resisting the urge can allow you to reap the romantic rewards next time you find yourself under the covers. Moreover, the incredibly easy access to online pornography is another factor that can warp the male mind.

A 2016 study by Wilson et al. found a positive connection between pornography and ED, and argued that it can have desensitising effects on young men because of the “hardcore” nature of it. It can cause men to become “dissatisfied with their own bodies, which in turn causes anxiety” when it comes to doing the dance of love.

However, one since-deleted Reddit user account says this isn’t always the be-all and end-all solution.

“Learn to take care of yourself when with your partner. It’s ok to get what you want and what you need to be aroused (consent permitting) with the confidence you’ll also please your partner.”

“Try to focus on enjoyment, foreplay, stuff that doesn’t rely on being hard to get the job done.”

To this end, performance anxiety is a common factor for most guys who experience half-mast. If it happens once, it will happen again, right?

“Sounds like this issue is only triggered by stress which is super normal at any age”, says PigeonsOnYourBalcony

“Resolving stressful issues, getting more sleep and improving your diet will make you feel better in general and improve your ED issue.”

“Talk to your girlfriend (or partner) about how your stress is affecting you and make sure she understands what triggers it and how this makes you feel. That way she’ll understand this is a biological issue and she won’t guilt you or feel bad about a very common and temporary issue.”

Many guys agree that performance anxiety can have an effect on your member, but if it happens, they urge you not to stress. “The way to break out of this is to stop thinking about it so much.” says another user.

“If you become aroused, great, but if you don’t, no biggie. Use your hands or your mouth, do other things with her. If you get turned on later in the session, great.”

“The healthiest way for you to respond [to ED] is to shrug and move on.”

Another thing to try if you want to become the casanova you feel you’re destined to be is to cut out smoking (if you do) and cut down on drinking. Both can have damaging effects on the body, particularly below the belt. Many users on Reddit noted that they were able to perform far better after ditching one or both.

Ultimately, the best thing to do if any technical issues arise – or don’t, as the case may be – is to not stress. Stressing will only cause further issues. Use the other tools bestowed upon you and show your lady you’re not a selfish lover.

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