Pierce Brosnan Is Dressing Exactly How You Wish Your Dad Would Dress

Brosnan. Pierce Brosnan.

Pierce Brosnan Is Dressing Exactly How You Wish Your Dad Would Dress

He might not be as polished as his 007 days but Pierce Brosnan is still fighting the good fight when it comes to dressing for his age.

Much like his fellow stylish cohort Jeff Goldblum, the 65-year-old British actor has carved out his own style niche which isn’t cutting-edge in anyway, but purely textbook class in the closet.

Brosnan was spotted over the weekend at Los Angeles International Airport rocking his trademark relaxed look with a checked navy blazer paired with an open-collar striped shirt, black trousers and black dress shoes. Adding a bit of flair was Brosnan’s eyewear which came with colour-tinted lenses – and not the speed dealer variety.

This wouldn’t be the first time the father of five has pulled off this look. Brosnan is a serial offender when it comes to scoring old guy style points as proven by his previous sightings about town.

Navy linen suit with wife in tow, the same blazer with a tonal blue shirt and aviators…we’re calling it now. This is exactly how you’d want your 65-year-old dad to dress.

Hit the gallery below to see the ex-Bond’s most recent wardrobe winners. FYI: walking away from explosion for dramatic effect only.

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