Post Malone Tells Joe Rogan Quitting Coke Is The Secret Behind 30kg Body Transformation

The kind that goes with ice!

Post Malone Tells Joe Rogan Quitting Coke Is The Secret Behind 30kg Body Transformation


We love a good body transformation here at DMARGE, and Post Malone’s stunning recent weight loss all came down to one simple trick.

We’ve seen a lot of body transformations in our time, from the Canadian man who captured his 65kg weight loss journey day by day and the 70-year-old Polish man who proved that very few of your excuses are valid to the “world’s fattest man” who lost a whopping 330kg, few come attached to quite such high profile names as this one: chart-topping rapper Post Malone.

The US rapper quickly went rival after unveiling his astonishing health journey, the secrets behind which he candidly spoke about on The Joe Rogan Experience last week. As reported by Men’s Health, the rapper attributes much of his weight loss to one simple substitution. Shedding a massive 27kg (60 lbs) Post Malone went from 109kg (240 lbs) to a lean 84kg (185 lbs).

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Across the duration of the episode, Post Malone didn’t hold back in sharing many of the motivations and methods that helped him along the way to his incredible new look and lifestyle, being particularly frank when talking about how his new habits and health-conscious approach contrast quite proudly with his old antics.

WATCH: The pair discuss Post Malone’s amazing weight loss.

One notable detail he mentioned was his relationship with soda, particularly his fizzy favourite, Coca Cola. The rapper had this to say:

“Soda is so bad. It’s so good but so bad… If I had a great show, and you know what, I’m feeling a little bit naughty. I’m gonna have myself a Coke on ice.”

Post Malone

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a whole swathe of scientific research supports Post Malone’s shift away from high-sugar beverages. The most impactful of which is arguably a study published in the journal Nutrients which highlighted how swapping out one sugary drink for water each day can lead to significant a reduction in body weight and an overall health improvement, without adjusting any other lifestyle factors.

Just as unsurprising was Rogan’s enthusiastic support not just for Post Malone’s changed outlook but also for his specific decision to quit the fizzies. Taking time to emphasize an “everything in moderation” approach to health and wellbeing, Rogan — who’s been prone to a few indulgences himself over the years — acknowledged that while treats are a great thing every once in a while, consistent consumption of high-sugar beverages can have terrible consequences for the body:

“The problem is when people do it all day everyday, your body doesn’t know what to do with that sugar because it’s so unnatural… the key to those things is every now and then, you know? Every now and then you reward yourself with a Coca Cola and you’re like ‘ah, this is nice'”.

Joe Rogan

Perhaps the biggest difference between this body transformation and so many others that we cover is that Post Malone will have a lot more temptation around him than us mere mortals, given his massive wealth and status. While he seems committed to his new outlook, all our fingers are crossed that he continues to look this good and feel even better.

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