This 'Germ Repellent' Business Class Suite Could Be An Industry Game Changer

The future of the pointy end?

New airplane seat designs are like a big talking Hinge match – exciting at first, but ultimately disappointing. That said: if this latest private suite concept can make itself financially viable; it will be a dream come true for the world’s germaphobes.

The new seat comes from renowned UK design consultancy PriestmanGoode. The concept is called ‘Pure Skies,’ and the company has rejigged both business and economy class to improve both hygiene and personal space – something airlines are under increasing pressure to provide.

PriestmanGoode took to Instagram on Wednesday to give followers a sneak peek.


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“We’ve introduced UVC light and heat cleaning, in combination with photochromic and thermochromic inks in the materials and finishes,” the company wrote. “As the heat from cleaning reacts with the inks, a message of reassurance appears on seats, helping alleviate passenger anxiety about hygiene during boarding.”

“The pandemic will have a lasting impact on passenger expectations. Pure Skies is a complete review of both Economy and Business Class cabins.”

“Our vision takes into account development times, airline requirements for revenue streams, increased passenger concerns around hygiene and personal space and green recovery incentives,” PriestmanGoode added.


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Simple Flying reports, “While modern business class concepts have begun to embrace things like privacy screens and doors, the PriestmanGoode concept takes things a step further, designing a space where passengers can retreat into a screened, protected area.”

“Within the Pure Skies Rooms, each seat is fully enclosed with a floor to ceiling curtain separating the passenger from the rest of the cabin. Every passenger gets personal overhead storage and a personal wardrobe, along with everything they need within their own haven in the skies.”

“The seat itself has minimal split lines and welded fabric seams to minimize the places where dirt and viruses can hide. The fabric itself and other surfaces in the room are all antimicrobial, to make cleaning and disinfection easier and more effective.”

PriestmanGoode’s vision for ‘cattle class of the future’ isn’t so shabby either.


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Keen? Watch this (air) space.

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