Private Health Insurance Massage Perk Every Australian Should Get

Two birds, one relaxing stone.

Private Health Insurance Massage Perk Every Australian Should Get

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Private health insurance is often thought of as a luxury, but with perks like the one I just discovered, and with the work from home revolution in full swing, maybe it should start being considered common sense.

We’re lucky that in Australia we have a comprehensive public health system, but having a valid private health insurance policy can mean the difference between being treated straight away or having to wait ages to be seen.

Especially now that coronavirus restrictions are easing, there’s a perk of private health insurance that you should take advantage of: getting a decent massage on the cheap – an activity that will help both your body and your mental health cope with the transition out of isolation and back to work.

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Having a remedial massage or seeing an osteopath post-isolation is incredibly good for your body and mental health. You probably need it, too – lockdown has affected our normal exercise routines, and all that Netflix binging means you probably need some adjustment.

Not only is a massage great for de-stressing (stress can actually deal tangible physical as well as mental damage), but there’s compelling evidence to suggest that remedial massages can actually benefit your immune system, NIB relates. Two birds, one relaxing stone.

The kicker is that your local Thai massage place probably doesn’t offer health fund rebates so you need to call around to find places that do. Not all therapists are registered with health funds either, and the ‘find a therapist’ section on health fund websites can be a bit hit and miss too. You’ll need to do your research.

But that research can reap rewards. I managed to find a fantastic remedial massage in Bondi. It cost $95, and I got $44.30 back (Medibank) – that’s almost 50% back.

The proof’s in the pudding.

And be quick-smart about it. Many insurers reset their benefits on July 1st, so make the most of your insurance by getting a massage before then.

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