Private Jets For Dogs: For $30,000 Your Pets Can Fly Better Than You

It's a dog's life...

Private Jets For Dogs: For $30,000 Your Pets Can Fly Better Than You

Image: @HerBoozyTails

How much do you love your dog? Well, it’s time to put that to the test with the help of a chartered jet airline that specialises in canine transport for eye-watering sums…

If you’ve got the cash to hand, travel can be full of luxurious perks. Just take a look at the first-class showers offered by some airlines, the $600m superyacht gifted to one Saudi football team by their billionaire owner, or Jeff Bezos’ brand new boat that is so massive it requires a $100 million support vessel to follow it along.

Usually, however, these privileges are reserved pretty exclusively for the Homo Sapiens in your life. One airline, however, is looking to change all of that by offering a luxury chartered jet service specifically for the canine companions of high-value individuals. The airline, known as K9 Jets, offers routes all around the world but, as you might have guessed, they don’t come cheap. Take a look at their service below…

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As the video from social media superstar @HerBoozyTails shows, pets travelling on the luxury service can expect a whole host of perks compared to the far more common commercial carrier experience they usually have to endure. K9 Jets offers branded dog treats, personalised plushy dog toys, and a whole lot of space for pets big and small to stretch out as required.

WATCH: Take a look at the experience from an owner’s POV…

However, there’s much to be enjoyed by self-described “pet parents” too. Not only do they get to sit alongside their prized pets on the private jet, but since chartered planes can fly out of specialised airports they also enjoy the added bonus of non-existent queues for customs, security, and alike. Naturally, the ‘complimentary’ champagne on arrival goes down pretty easily too.

Of course, all of this comes at a considerable cost. Covering routes between the US, London, Lisbon, Paris, and Dubai β€” with more set to be introduced soon β€” prices apparently start at around $9000 USD (~$14,000 AUD) for “1 human + 1 big dog or 2 small dogs”, one way. Whether you think this represents good value for money is very much a case-by-case judgement, but we’ve got a feeling that quite a few people will find such an expense a pretty hard idea to swallow.

As you can see, it’s not just the dogs that have a good time. Image: @HerBoozyTails

Not only is this financially costly, but it shouldn’t need pointing out to anyone that chartering a private jet β€” even if it does afford your Great Dane the legroom he needs – is a long way from being the most environmentally friendly way to travel. That being said, I don’t think we need to throw any more shade at the private-flying dog owners than we do the private-flying billionaires or business types.

However, I’m well aware that for the most committed dog lovers, cost is rarely, if ever, an object. On that basis alone, I can imagine this airline enjoying plentiful success in the years to come, especially with the occasional horror story that emerges of pets enduring less-than-ideal treatment on commercial services.

While I doubt I’ll ever be in a position to actually decide whether I want to drop $30,000 on giving my pet a few weeks in the sun, it’s certainly a good conversation starter. Try it out at your next dinner party but don’t let the dog hear, he might start to get ideas.

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