PS5 Stock Shortage: It’s Been 22 Months Since The PS5 Was Released, But You Still Can’t Get It In Stores

Talk about elusive...

PS5 Stock Shortage: It’s Been 22 Months Since The PS5 Was Released, But You Still Can’t Get It In Stores

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The PlayStation 5 was released 22 months ago and yet, stores are still plagued with stock shortages. Here’s why and when you can expect the gaming console to be widely available.

We’re all about the ~new~ in today’s society. Whenever the latest iPhone is released, people flock to the Apple store to line up and buy it. Likewise, watch nerds camped out for days earlier this year just to get their hands on an OMEGA x Swatch watch.

And gaming consoles are no different. In fact, when the PlayStation 5 (PS5) was released, absolute chaos ensued. Retailers around the world were swamped with gamers who had to fight (literally in some cases) over the limited stock of PS5s.

It may surprise you to learn that it’s been almost two whole years since the PS5 was released. That’s right, the aforementioned chaos was making headlines back in November 2020. And yet, the PS5 is as elusive now as it was then.

With most products, two years after its release, you’ll be able to walk into any store and it’ll be in stock. To use the iPhone as an example again, the iPhone 12 was released around the same time as the PS5, in October 2020. And now, most – if not all – stores that sell phones have ample stock of the iPhone 12 readily available for purchase.

WATCH: A fight, which was allegedly over a PS5, broke out in a Walmart located in North Carolina back in 2020…

But the PS5 is still hard to come by. Why? Well, Sony has blamed supply constraints that were caused by both the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for the severe PS5 stock shortages.

However, while Sony has made fixing the PS5 shortage a top priority, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger told CNBC that semiconductors – which are used to create PS5 consoles – won’t be widely available until at least 2024. This means PS5s won’t be easily attainable until then – four years after its initial release!

In the meantime, some of the lucky few who managed to snag a PS5 have disgustingly price-gouged them. So, if you’re desperate for a PS5, you’ll be able to get one now – but only if you pay handsomely for it. The original price of a PS5 is US$500 but on resell sites like eBay, PS5s are going for anywhere between US$600 to US$1000.

At this rate, we won’t be surprised if Sony just abandons the PS5 and releases the PlayStation 6 instead; although this would make the PS5 a seriously priceless collectible. Maybe buying a price-gouged one isn’t such a bad idea after all…

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