Qantas Announces Coolest ‘Points Plane’ Destination Yet

Brb, jetting off to the south pacific...

Qantas Announces Coolest ‘Points Plane’ Destination Yet

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Qantas is putting a slew of ‘Points Planes’ on the Sydney to Noumea (and Brisbane to Noumea) routes, which will give frequent flyers the chance to spend their points on a Reward seat. The airline says thousands of new classic flight reward seats will be available from August to November.

Have a bunch of Qantas Points but are struggling to find a flight that will let you use them to book a ticket? With such a travel ‘rush’ happening right now, as people make up for lost time during the stricter years of the pandemic, this is quite a common scenario.

Well, if you fancy going to a tropical island in the south pacific; today’s your lucky day. The Flying Roo has just announced it is putting a bunch of ‘points planes’ – planes dedicated to passengers who want to spend their points – on the Sydney to Noumea and the Brisbane to Noumea routes.

There are more than 100 flights available, the airline says. The promotion started at 9am on this Wednesday just gone and will continue until the 31st of July, with Qantas announcing it will “make most flights between Australia and New Caledonia Points Planes – where every seat in every cabin, including Business seats, can be booked as a Classic Flight Reward – for travel in August, September, October and November.”

Seats on these flights can also be bought with cash, Qantas says. Qantas runs five return flights per week to Noumea, on a Boeing 737-800. Brisbane gets one per week and Sydney gets four. Qantas also pointed out, in a press release, that it codeshares with Aircalin on an additional seven return flights per week where additional Classic Reward seats will also be available from Sydney and Brisbane.

Qantas Loyalty CEO Olivia Wirth said flights remain frequent flyers’ favourite way to use their points.

“We continue to see incredibly strong demand across domestic and international travel as frequent flyers use the Qantas Points they saved during the pandemic to book reward seats in record numbers,” Ms Wirth said.

“Since flights recommenced in June, we’ve seen hundreds of Australians take off to New Caledonia for tropical holidays each week, and now frequent flyers can book any available seat across most flights using points.”

Olivia Wirth

“In addition to these latest Points Planes, there are still millions of Classic Flight Reward seats available across domestic and international routes for the remainder of the year on Qantas, Jetstar and partner airlines and we will continue to release more reward seats in all cabins.”

To fly from Sydney to Noumea in Economy, you’ll need “18,000 points plus $119 taxes, fees and carrier charges.” To fly Sydney to Noumea in Business you’ll need “41,500 points plus $119 taxes, fees and carrier charges,” Qantas says.

As for the Brisbane to Noumea route, you’ll need “12,000 points plus $116 taxes, fees and carrier charges” to do it in cattle class and “27,600 points plus $116 taxes, fees and carrier charges” to do it in business.

Qantas also reminds customers that the offer “does not include flights departing from Australia 17 August to 21 August, 23 September to 4 October 2002 and 19 October to 24 October 2022 or flights departing from New Caledonia 3 August to 7 August and 2 October to 12 October 2022.”

There you have it. Better get saving those points. In our humble opinion, this is Qantas’ coolest points plane destination yet…