How To Get More From Your Qatar A380 Business Class Trip To Europe

For those that like to fly flat.

How To Get More From Your Qatar A380 Business Class Trip To Europe

Image Credit: Sam Chui - Aviation & Travel

Qatar is known for having one of the world’s best business class seats, which makes it a logical choice for work and luxury travellers alike. Add to the mix their well-manicured hospitality and luxury cabin comforts, and one’s expectations start getting dangerously high.

Not that Qatar can’t come through with the goods; just to say that reading this article will help you know exactly what to get excited about, and what not to expect, from a trip in Qatar’s A380 Business Class.

From Qatar’s curvaceous onboard bar to its renowned Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge in Doha, your next trip to Europe could be your most memorable one—before you even arrive.

To make sure that happens, we’d like to share how to make the most out of your next trip in Qatar Business Class, on the double-decker Airbus A380, using the Sydney to London journey as a reference point.

Don’t Skimp On The Before-Flight Amenities

Although you’ll have to use the Qantas lounge in Sydney, on your stopover in Doha you’ll get to experience Qatar’s flagship airport offering.

Tempting as it is to order a flat white, plug in your laptop and chow down a sandwich from the deli, if you want to make the most of your A380 Business class trip you should make an effort to get your head around the amenities.

This starts with a trip to the Qantas lounge in Sydney International Airport (which Qatar Business Class passengers have access to, via a codeshare agreement). Now although you have the option of ordering a limousine transfer, with Qatar (unlike Emirates and Qantas) it is not complimentary—so we’d recommend getting a taxi, and saving your money for the duty free heaven that is an international flight.

Highlights of the Sydney lounge include a gelato bar, an actual bar and a barista coffee station. You also get complimentary WiFi, shower suites and a spread of buffet food including grilled chicken, salad items, cheeses and self-pour drinks. Now we probably don’t need to tell you this, but unless you are on a particularly stringent diet: make the most of them.

In Doha (Qatar’s home base) the lounge experience is ratcheted up a notch, with the Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge showcasing two world-class restaurants, extensive business amenities, a stunning water feature, a staircase and levels of privacy that put Qantas’ respectable Sydney offering to shame.

Our top tip? Make use of the a la carte and buffet dining, then head to one of the “quiet rooms” for a nap.

Pick The Optimum ‘Premier Business Class Seat’ For Your Needs

There are no privacy screens (for all seats) like some other airlines, but on the other hand, you don’t need them so much because none of the seats face each other.

Qatar’s business class seats are tucked away on the upper deck of Qatar’s Airbus A380s, with seats in a 1-2-1 configuration that allows for direct aisle access for every passenger.

The bed is 22-inches (56cm) wide, 80-inches (203cm) long (when you choose to turn it into a fully-flat bed) and softened by a fitted mattress and duvet.

Also, the exact position of the seat can be customised, either to your own personal preference or a number of stock standard options.

Our two cents: the window seats (A or K) are the best options for solo travellers. We also noticed these seats come with slightly handier side storage bins, and two controllable air vents (the other seats just have one).

And even if you end up in a centre seat, it’s hardly the end of the world: you’re not forced to make small talk with your companion (or continue your lover’s tiff) thanks to a long privacy screen that can be raised and left in place, including during take-off and landing.

Another tip is that after the Sydney – Doha leg, you might want to take your (complimentary) pijamas with you for the Doha – London trip, as they’re not always provided on shorter flights.

Don’t Forget To Visit The Onboard Bar

No expense spared. Image credit: Live & Let’s Fly

One advantage of flying Business rather than First, is that although you will have paid substantially less for your ticket, you both have access to the same bar. So if drinking premium liquor at 40,000ft is your jam, then forget the exclusive allure of First Class, and hole up at Qatar’s tastefully designed, curvaceous bar-lounge combo.

The upmarket rathskeller has a sweeping design that places a greater emphasis on the interaction of passengers on the soft, warm (we’re talking both materials and colour scheme) sofa-style lounges rather than at the bar itself.

Another reason to leave your fully-flat seat for the bar is the Krug champagne, which Australian Business Traveller points out, “Is a cut above the Billecart-Salmon and Taittinger Rose offered in the business class cabin.”

Experiment With The Top Drawer In-Flight Entertainment System

17 inch screen, and more movies than you can point a remote at (not that we’re challenging you…). Image credit: ABT.

Qatar’s Business Class is a high-tech oasis featuring up to 4,000 movies, TV shows, music tracks and games. Also, the remote you use to control the 17 inch HD screen doubles as an independent screen of its own, so you can do things like check your flight’s progress on the moving map without interrupting your movie marathon on the main screen.

Inflight WiFi is available too, with the first 15 minutes (per device) available for free, and various paid packages on offer to continue your session, maxing out at AU$26.50 for up to 200MB of data. For a full breakdown of Qatar’s onboard connectivity, click here.

Indulge In Expertly Prepared Cuisine

If this doesn’t get your mouth watering, nothing will… Image Credit: Fly Business For Less

Gone are the days of being fed like cattle; in Qatar’s Business Class—the new age of airline dining—meal time revolves around you. Double take inducing (answer me honestly, ” Am I still on a plane?”) cuisine crafted by world-renowned chefs (and accompanied by exclusive vintages) are available on demand, ordered from a sumptuous a la carte menu.

Highlights include the savoury canapés (did someone say poached prawn and wasabi? Or lamb loin and butternut squash?). Oh and each seat also has a spacious dining area, so you can enjoy your world-class meal in the sky, and still turn up to your next business meeting without tomato sauce on your lapel.

Final Words

It’s no QSuite – but it’s a damn sight better than economy…

Although the A380 doesn’t (yet) have the famous QSuites of the A350-1000 and (select) other Qatar jets (for a comprehensive breakdown on which specific planes feature this service, click here), it still provides enviable bang for buck compared to the Business class of other airlines. So until the QSuite is a widespread option on the Sydney to London route, you really can’t go wrong with Qatar’s “standard” Business Class offering.

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