Video Shows Off What It’s Really Like Inside A Massive Superyacht

Luxurious comforts.

Image Credit: BOAT International


A video has emerged online showing what the inside of a superyacht looks like. And not just any superyacht – a superyacht named after Quantum of Solace. While it remains unclear if this really is the yacht Dominic Greene looks down at Bond from as he rams another boat and steals Camille Montes Rivero (see: the 14-second mark in this video), it sure looks fancy enough to be a possibility (or maybe the owner was just a Bond fan).

The video was posted to TikTok by @mrsuperyachts and is captioned: “Welcome onboard Quantum of Solace yacht.” In the video, viewers are welcomed (virtually) aboard the Quantum of Solace superyacht, which we are told (in the video) is currently for sale for €56,400,000 (AU $89,733,963) and is “one of four yachts in the world with a double height atrium.”

The video also shows viewers the guest cabins, water level beach club with spa and gym, the pool and helicopter deck which can be turned into a DJ station and the superyacht’s full 73 mere length.  

One joker in the comments wrote: “wow , luv it. I want it… think they will let me finance it with no money down and 200 dollars a month?”. While we admire their optimism, we imagine it will go to someone with a bit more cash to splash. 

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