Tasteless Luxury Brand Flex Proves The Rich May Be Immune To Pandemic

"Don’t have a baggage allowance on our yacht."

Image: @sheilalna

For most of the world, 2020’s shaping up to be a flop: bushfires in Australia, protests in Hong Kong, flooding in India, riots in the US, and of course, The Bat Kiss. The global economy’s in the toilet, you can’t go out, and your life, travel and dating expectations are going through, to put it mildly, a major period of adjustment.

Ask the 1%, however, and they might be more concerned about their Aspen trip being disrupted than supermarket shelves being emptied, or how we’re slowly descending into a worldwide version of Lord Of The Flies. For the rich and famous, life goes on as normal – well, if you can call their extravagant lifestyles normal.


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Don’t have a baggage allowance on our yacht 😏 🛥 📸 @sheilalna

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Case in point: this Spanish chica, who appears to have some very rich parents. Whether it’s cruising on a private yacht with more designer bags than Selfridge’s has in their inventory, or wearing a full Philipp Plein outfit next to a Philipp Plein-branded G-Wagen, the subject of The Rich Kids Of The Internet’s latest Instagram post is still living the life.


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Instagram accounts like Rich Kids Of The Internet and Richkidsofficial catalog the absurd antics of these provocative entities for the world to gawk at. The generous-minded might call looking at these rich people flaunt their wealth ‘inspirational’. We’d say it’s more evidence that money can’t buy taste.

But hey: at least it lets you live vicariously – something we’re all going to have to get used to for the next few months at least.

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