Super Rich Traveller Gives You Sneak Peek Into Incredible $200 Million Jet

Vicarious living.

Super Rich Traveller Gives You Sneak Peek Into Incredible $200 Million Jet

Image: Business Insider

From Emirates’ futuristic $17,000 first class suites to Etihad’s exclusive $27,000 travel class, there are more luxurious ways to traverse the skies than you can throw an A380 at.

Luxe as These Cool Offerings are though, for some wallet-heavy travellers, commercial flights just don’t cut it. For those guys (and gals), only a private jet will do.

Though your coin-jangling might be on a different level to The Super Rich, you can still live their lives vicariously, with the following video.


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Posted yesterday by the Instagram account Rich Kids Of The Internet, is a video of a private $200,000,000 747 jet that will put your wildest first-class dreams to shame (if you can put up with the slightly irritating voiceover).

The narrator takes us through what Rich Kids Of The Internet claims to be a $200,000,000 private plane, boasting a main residential area (“definitely where I would be spending all of my time if I could”), two captains chairs, a dining area, a cheese lounge buffet, accent lighting and two identical seating areas.

And that’s just the beginning.

The only problem we can see, which has also been pointed out by an Instagram commenter, is that much of these riches could soon be on the floor.

“Hope these items affix themselves to the tables during take-off or else you’ll be wearing your 4 course dinner.”

Other than that, optic gluttony awaits.

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