Top Rolex Predictions For This Year

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Top Rolex Predictions For This Year

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It’s been an exciting few weeks for watch fans. Last week, the innovative new Geneva Watch Days dominated headlines, with new releases from the likes of Ferdinand Berthoud, H. Moser & Cie, Carl F. Bucherer and Girard-Perregaux. This week however has got aficionados champing at the bit for a new Rolex release.

Rolex is the world’s most successful and famous luxury watch brand, and every September the watch community whips itself into a frenzy in anticipation of a new Rolex announcement. 2020 is no different, with Rolex dropping less than subtle hints about releasing a new Submariner model. A slick teaser campaign named ‘Out Of The Blue’ has built hype to fever pitch, with speculation about the new Submariner rife on the Internet.


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Rolex normally do a good job of staying tight-lipped about new releases – however, 2020 has seen a slight lapse in standards. The highly-anticipated Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight ‘Navy’ was leaked well in advance by sales-hungry authorised distributors (ADs), and it seems as if watch insiders might have figured out what Rolex’s big 2020 release has in store for us.

The word on the street is that the Sub will be released with two new colours: both with black dials, one with a deep blue bezel and one with a green bezel similar to the highly popular green dial / green bezel Submariner ‘Hulk’ – the most requested Rolex in recent memory.

The blue bezel prediction makes sense, as Rolex showed a glimpse of a blue lume 12 o’clock triangle in their first ‘Out Of The Blue’ teaser. A blue bezel Sub would be a fairly safe colour that would sell well, so maybe this is just a low-risk prediction considering what Rolex has already shared and market trends in 2020.

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The green bezel seems to be a somewhat stranger prediction. While undoubtedly a green bezel paired with a black dial would be a tasty look, we feel as if it would just undermine sales of the Hulk. Why would Rolex jeopardise one of their cash cows?

This also all assumes that Rolex is only releasing one model this September. Market movements in the UK would suggest that Rolex is gearing up to release a new Explorer model, so maybe the Submariner hype is only a distraction.

In 24 hours we’ll find out anyway, so let’s just hold tight.

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