Ryan Gosling Shows You The Right Way To Rock Work Boots In Public

Where there's old work boots, there's a way.

Ryan Gosling Shows You The Right Way To Rock Work Boots In Public

Many men have been there. A dilapidated pair of leather boots sitting idly in the corner of their room, banished to the darkness simply for outgrowing their years of use and abuse on the field. And there they are to this day, neglected, tattered but still intact.

Well it’s time to dust off the tired old kickers and resurrect them for your modern wardrobe today – and Ryan Gosling is going to show you how to do it. At the recent Comic-Con convention in San Diego, Gosling appeared on stage with his Blade Runner co-stars in a layered denim outfit. The eye-grabbing piece? A heavily weathered pair of tan boots.

We here the cries of protest. Ryan Gosling could make a potato sack look good but there’s a secret behind the savvy style move and that’s to keep it very casual and in line with the rest of your pared down look. Ryan Gosling has proven this theory on numerous occasions, pairing distressed and weathered boots to burgundy bomber jackets, black denim, washed denim, indigo trousers and varsity jackets. The common theme here is keeping the look casual and the bottoms fitted.

The moment you step beyond these boundaries and go for baggier pants you’ll be treading on dangerous ground – i.e. looking like you’ve just come from painting a shed on a ten acre farm. The same also goes for pairing the weathered shoes with any form of formal wear – just don’t do it.

So remember when in doubt, don’t throw out the weathered leather. Instead, pair the brown or black leather boots to denim and other basic looks for retro spin on the weekend wardrobe.

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