Ryan Gosling’s Lilac Suit Is Going To Change Your Summer Wardrobe Forever

Suits you, sir...

Ryan Gosling’s Lilac Suit Is Going To Change Your Summer Wardrobe Forever

Image: USA Today

We’re long-time Ryan Gosling fans here at DMARGE, championing his style and carefully curated choice of accessories for many years. A suit he wore earlier this week has only confirmed our love for the man in pink, purple, and beyond.

It was only a few months ago that we reported on Ryan Golsing’s bright pink suit that he wore for the US premiere of 2023’s most-hyped movie: Barbie. At the time, we hailed this as a turning point in the men’s fashion game, normalising the presence of pink in every man’s wardrobe once and for all; after all, if a heartthrob like Gosling deems it ‘man enough’, why shouldn’t we?

The lilac suit he wore this week to the pre-Oscars luncheon — where stars all meet and mingle for a meal (this year it was a wild mushroom risotto) and then a wonderfully awkward ‘class photo’ — has only confirmed our prophecy; the monochrome, pastel, pink-ish look is going to be absolutely everywhere this coming summer.

WATCH: Ryan Gosling Wears Pink Suit To ‘Barbie’ Premiere

Gosling’s evolution from the dark, brooding aesthetics of Blade Runner: 2049 and the clean-cut appearance in First Man to a more relaxed and colourful style mirrors his transformative role in the Barbie movie. His iconic curls and shaggy fringe, which made waves earlier in the year, hinted at a softer, more playful direction, now epitomized by his choice of suit for the luncheon.

In fairness, Ryan Gosling is an incredibly handsome man — there’s a reason, beyond his undeniable “triple threat” acting skills, that he’s become the near-unrivalled Hollywood icon that he has — he could, quite frankly, make a bin bag look good. That shouldn’t take away from the fact that this outfit is about to change the game for men everywhere; those just as handsome and those… less so.

In addition to the killer suit, it’s also worth highlighting Gosling’s flawless choice of accessories. In particular, our eyes were drawn to his Tag Heuer watch; going for the Carrera Chronograph which we’ve also reported on in recent months, he paired it with a custom gold bracelet that complemented his shimmering golden locks just perfectly.

Image: @TagHeuer

Men’s fashion — and especially men’s suiting — has long been a black-and-white mess, devoid of colour, life and personality in favour of straightjacket standardisation. While there’s nothing wrong with keeping things classic, Gosling’s turn is a much-needed nod to the importance of embracing colour in the male wardrobe.

So, to all the pink-and-purple-phobes out there, consider this your final warning: colour is coming, and you, as well as your wardrobe, need to be ready. It’s been creeping its way into the male wardrobe for a long time but — as the often misquoted Hemmingway quotation goes — these things happen in two ways: gradually, then all at once. 

The relentless if genius promotion for Barbie has marked the final frontier; pinks, purples, lilacs, and pastels writ large are going to be everywhere in men’s fashion this summer, mark my words. Love it or hate it, you need to be prepared.