Ryanair Fires Warning Shot To Any Passenger Thinking Of Complaining

"You were going to watch a movie on your phone anyway."

Ryanair Fires Warning Shot To Any Passenger Thinking Of Complaining

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Irish airline Ryanair, a favourite among skint travellers and those who like sore knees, has taken to Twitter to destroy a passenger who complained about being separated from their friends.

Ryanair does not give a flying f*ck. And you know what? We kind of dig it. Though they do – like any airline – occasionally f*ck up, and though they often – like every airline – prioritize profit over customer convenience, at least they are straight up about it, rather than back peddling, hand wringing and pretending they care about you, not their bottom line.

Case in point: a recent complaint from Twitter user Lorna Finnegan. Lorna sarcastically wrote: “Thanks @Ryanair for separating me from my travel companions… Bliss!” alongside a photo of herself.

Ryanair responded: “You were going to watch a movie on your phone anyway.” When another Twitter user, Jono said: “Sadly not, no wifi available,” Ryanair hit back with: “Heard of this thing called downloading?” Ouch.

Another Twitter user jumped in with a further complaint, writing: “Fair enough that you cannot allocate 2 adults together but heard stories (including my sister’s) that children have been sitted separately from their parents. Not nice!”

Ryanair is yet to respond to this one.

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Though some people sympathised with the passenger’s plight, others told Lorna to “stop been tight and pay for your seats then.” Another theorised that Lorna was “genuinely thanking Ryanair for the peace.”

Another comic genius wrote: “On the contrary, Looks to me like they’ve put you beside all of your friends.”

Twitter user Chris then wrote: “I mean, it’s almost like you don’t understand how @Ryanair work.” Lorna then took the opportunity to clear everything up, clarifying she was indeed joking, posting a meme signifying the joke had gone over everyone’s heads.

Ryanair have also taken to Twitter recently to roast all those passengers who have complained of missing their flights due to being a bit late, posting the following savage meme to the platform. Love them or hate them, it appears Ryanair very much plan to keep on keeping on…

Flying in the friendly skies indeed. And good luck with all those petty complaints…

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