Salt Bae’s Restaurant Prices Will Blow Your Mind

A $1,000 steak isn't even the most expensive item on the menu.

Salt Bae’s Restaurant Prices Will Blow Your Mind

Salt Bae – real name Nusret Gökçe and unofficial sexiest butcher on the internet – was catapulted into the public eye in 2017 when a series of videos showing how he prepared the meat at his steak restaurants went viral. Not only did these viral images show him sprinkling salt in a way that we imagine has now been adopted by millions of people worldwide, but also of his insane meat-cutting techniques.

Safe to say, he knows how to handle his meat.

In fact, Salt Bae loves red meat so much he even eats it for breakfast, and his carnivore diet combined with his strict fitness regimen has gifted him the most insane body compositions we’ve ever seen.

Gökçe has years of experience in the butcher and meat industry, having left school during the 6th grade – approximately 11-years old – to go and work as a butcher’s apprentice to help his family out with financial income. He’s never looked back, and opened his first restaurant in 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey, before opening a second venue in Dubai in 2014. Today, he has restaurants in both the middle-east and the US, but has come under the fire of several critics calling his venues “overpriced”.

But how overpriced is “overpriced”? Are Salt Bae’s restaurant price really that bad? Thanks to Twitter user @5_stelly, we can now answer that question. Posting an image of his receipt to his Twitter account, accompanied by the caption, “This real? Because i dont wanna have this convo anymore Lol”, the receipt for a meal for 6 at the Miami, Florida restaurant shows a total of US $6228.05.

$5.95 for an espresso? Sure. $10 for a sprite? Starting to push it, but it is a celebrity chef restaurant. Things start to become a little bit ridiculous when you notice two portions of French fries, two portions of spinach and two portions of mashed potato equal $38 each.

But the perfectly sprinkled icing on the cake comes when you consider a Golden Tomahawk steak will set you back $1,000. A $725 premium over a non-golden tomahawk, the golden version is claimed to be essentially the same thing, only covered in 24K gold leaf. Talk about extra.

In the same vein that the round-sunglass-wearing butcher has gone viral, so has this image of the receipt, sparking furious debate on social channels, along with a slight dose of ridicule.

Some noticed the #SaltBae Passion option on the receipt (and four servings of it)…

…while others were quick to say the group brought the expensive bill upon themselves…

…in fact, the vast majority of replies to the tweet call out the price of the sprite being more sacrilegious than the price of the steaks. And some noticed the bill was from 2019, so expect prices to have increased in line with inflation.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise Salt Bae charges the prices he does because of his international fame, just like any other celebrity chef. But hey: if you want to pay above and beyond your run of the mill steak house so that you can have a handsome and ripped butcher sprinkle salt down his arm onto your steak, we’re not going to judge…

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