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10 Scandinavian Menswear Brands To Wear

It's a minimalist vibe.

Scandinavian Menswear Brands

It might be unbeknownst to you, but Scandinavia encompasses a portion of Northern Europe, specifically Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, all of which share similar climates, cultures, and lifestyles. It is these distinct factors, as well as their shared heritage, that has resulted in the world-renowned Scandinavian design.

Already a signature aesthetic in certain circles (we’re looking at you, Ikea), the Nordic fashion sense hasn’t yet caught on in quite the same way as interior design, despite how cool it is.

Unpretentious, minimal, and effortless are just a few of the words that come to mind when we think of the clean cut Scandinavian style. But how do you actually pull it off? Before we get into some of our favourite Scandinavian brands, here’s a quick crash course.

Defining Scandinavian men’s style

In our comprehensive guide to dressing like a Scandinavian – which you can read here – we highlighted that the Scandinavian look is effortless, and is accentuated by simplicity and elegance. Winter is when Scandinavian style shines; think the art of layering, as well as the importance of quality fabrics – be it mohair, wool, cashmere, and fur – to keep warm.

Denim is a key element of a Scandinavian wardrobe. Jeans are seen as an investment piece, underpinning both casual and smarter outfits with an air of cool always thrown in. Luxury sneakers help Scandinavians retain such street chic, as well as their mastery of minimalism — this region’s biggest contribution to fashion yet.

How to style Scandinavian menswear

The most common styles of Scandinavian menswear fall under these combinations. Follow these rules and you’ll look like you effortlessly rolled off the chic streets of Stockholm.

  • Dark overcoats with denim or trousers
  • Dark suits with leather shoes
  • Casual-wear with sneakers
  • Knitwear & layering