The New ‘Sex Law’ Set To Change How Tourists Hook Up In Bali

"Locked up and not in a fun way".

The New ‘Sex Law’ Set To Change How Tourists Hook Up In Bali

Single tourists and unmarried couples who visit Bali may have their debaucherous plans uprooted due to new laws being considered by the Indonesia parliament. 

A bill is being considered by the government that would see unmarried couples who have sex in Bali locked up and not in a fun way. It is currently expected that the laws will pass parliament by the end of the month, just before peak season wraps up. 

The law could have a massive impact on tourism for the country which currently is one of the main components of the economy. Over 1.3 million Australians and 400,000 Americans visit each year, making it the third-fastest growing tourism sector in Asia.

Bali is a known hot-spot for young singles who party it up in Kuta and increasingly influencers from all over the world come to experience the beauty of the island as well. Australians, in particular, have always been a fan of Bali with its Governor I Wayan Koster even issuing a warning that “misbehaving Australians would be sent home”.

“In the near future we will make a regulation to take firm action against tourists that commit ethical violations or offend the norm in Bali. We will send them back home.”

The majority Muslim country has been slowly introducing a new penal code that many have described as regressive and could also impact foreign tourists who share a hotel room with someone they are not married to. The draft version of the law outlines a maximum jail period of up to six months, though other drafts have suggested jail time of one year. 

Indonesia does, of course, have many laws that it does not actively enforce and the head of Bali’s tourism board Ida Bagus Agung Partha Adnyana said it welcomed all tourists.

“Bali has always welcomed all tourists, we will continue to do so, even with a new penal code.”

For now, though, wait until the dust settles before you take your debaucherous trip to the island.

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