7,000 Omelettes A Day: Singapore Airline’s Secret Formula For Keeping Passengers Fed

You can't make 7,000 omelettes without breaking a few eggs...

7,000 Omelettes A Day: Singapore Airline’s Secret Formula For Keeping Passengers Fed

Image: Insider Food

Singapore Airlines has long been recognised for its near-unrivalled commitment to exceptional customer service, but a newly unveiled video shows just how hard the airline and its staff work to keep their flyers’ bellies full.

There’s no denying that Singapore Airlines (SIA) go above and beyond for their customers: their airport lounge in Heathrow’s Terminal 2 is one of the most luxurious out there, and they’ve even been known to let lucky canine flyers enjoy top-of-the-line business class seats.

This week, a video has emerged online that reveals another fascinating aspect of SIA’s efforts – this time, in the culinary department. Ever wondered how those foil-clad, condensation-soaked trays of grub get to you 40,000 feet in the air? Wonder no more…

A recently released video showcases the meticulous and immensely impressive (if slightly ditopic) process that goes into preparing SIA’s Economy Class food, focusing on one dish in particular that requires especially close attention while being prepared.

WATCH: The miracle workers in the Singapore Airlines kitchen.

Many among us may struggle to make an omelette, finding the speed and dexterity that the cooking process requires to be a little overwhelming. Not so for the highly-skilled Singapore staff, who manage to knock out a staggering 7,000 of these omelettes a day.

In the captivating, almost hypnotic footage that opens the video, cooks can be seen working around a large revolving stove that automatically spurts a pre-mixed egg mixture onto the frying pans in perfectly-measured amounts.

In a matter of seconds, the cooks are able to gather, flip, and roll up the omelettes before dropping them into a large stainless steel tray… only for the stove to keep on turning and the process begins all over again.

Omelettes on omelettes on omelettes. Image: Insider Food

Though 7,000 may sound like an incredible amount, when you see the speed at which these people work it’s easy to understand how – with a lot of training and diligent practice – they can rack up such impressive numbers.

After this eye-catching opening segment, the video shows how the remainder of the meal is assembled and wrapped before being shipped out of the kitchen and onto its designated plane.

Seeing the meals prepared at such a scale definitely gives you an added appreciation for the vast logistical know-how that goes into getting your in-flight ready to go, but does it make said food look especially appetising? I’m not so sure…

Each meal is painstakingly crafted by hand. Image: Insider Food

I also can’t deny that watching “behind the scenes” videos like this always whisks up some ambivalence: Though the operation is impressive and I admire the craft, watching people run back and forth at break-neck speed for hours on end just so that you and I can enjoy some piping-hot protein mid-flight puts things into perspective.

Especially knowing that a significant number of passengers probably don’t even eat the omelette in the first place, preferring to let it sit there and sweat until the trash trolley comes rolling around… But maybe I’m getting too deep into this.

For now, sit back, relax, and let the magic spinning omelette machine induce a much-needed post-lunch nap…