Singapore Airport’s Ridiculous COVID-19 Social Distancing Solution

And that's a wrap...

Singapore Airport’s Ridiculous COVID-19 Social Distancing Solution

Image Credit: DMARGE

Desolate scenes out of Singapore airport show off an interesting ‘Italian Nonna’ type approach to social distancing, with various seats having been bombed with plastic wrapping in order to prevent people from sitting on them.

While separating passengers and travellers in these challenging times has been the norm for a while now, most airports we’ve seen around the world have used signs and stickers to indicate where you can sit and where you can’t.

Singapore airport’s solution comes as a surprise then. Effective? Sure. But not exactly the most environmentally friendly way of doing things. In any case, that is the method the airport has chosen to go with, as you can see in the video below.

Watch Singapore airline’s social distancing solution in the video below

In the footage, sent to DMARGE by a traveller who recently went through Singapore, the airport can be seen as sparse with people, and the filmer can be heard saying: “airport is not that busy” and “rather empty.”

Viewers are then treated to a glimpse of Singapore airport’s plastic wrap approach to social distancing.

Aside from this wrapping of seats (in a style akin to how some people wrap their luggage to make it obvious if it’s been tampered with at the other end), millions of face masks are already going into landfill thanks to the pandemic.

Singapore has had a tough time of COVID-19 lately. Despite having some of the globes highest vaccination rates, new infection rates have risen again and new restrictions have been brought in to combat them.

A reported on the weekend, “Singapore has been hailed globally for its success in combatting the coroanvirus, but new developments in its battle against the pandemic are proving how difficult it will be to sustain a return to normal life.”

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Singapore’s finance minister, Lawrence Wong, however, has said that Singapore is set on re-opening and that recently reimposed restrictions are in place to make sure hospitals and health workers can handle an increased number of daily cases.

He told Bloomberg: “Our overall strategy has not changed.”

“We are committed to reopening our economy and our society progressively, but our aim has always been to do this without putting too much stress on our hospital system.”

“We want to keep our health care system intact and under control, and we want to avoid unnecessary deaths.”

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