'Social Distancing Saved My Marriage': Couples Reveal How Iso Changed Their Relationships

Pandemic pressure.

'Social Distancing Saved My Marriage': Couples Reveal How Iso Changed Their Relationships

Image: @gypsea_lust

The global pandemic has hit relationships of all types. We’ve primarily focused on the upstart relationships and how the dating scene is now a logistical nightmare with lockdown laws and anti pash rhetoric still in place across most countries.

Fortunately for singletons, apps (and not just traditional dating ones) have come to the rescue, offering new features to help you ~connect~ however prudishly or ‘actively‘ you like, without actually meeting in person. For other singles, like this writer, the lockdown has afforded us the time to think about what it is we’d want from a future relationship once lockdown is over.

But what about the other side of the bed? How has lockdown affected those in committed relationships? If you were to ask any of your friends, chances are they’ll tell you everything is great, but thanks to the social media app Whisperusers can post messages and thoughts completely anonymously, and we can sneak a peek what ‘loveland’ is really like.

Unfortunately (joyously, if you’re petty and single, like me), it seems that for those who thought they were strong enough to head into lockdown and spend every single day with each other, the effect has been the exact opposite.

Or at least, that’s according to these two anonymous users who found out the hard way that some guys just can’t be relied upon (the ones in question might like to read our articles on how couples and singletons can get creative when faced with home imprisonment).

However, all is not lost for our lockdown lovers, as the time together has proven beneficial for some couples, giving them a chance to get to know each other better and find new ways to have date night.

There’s the expected luvvy-duvvy post. We don’t want to make assumptions, but these couples could be in the honeymoon phase of their relationships.

As for the married couples, social distancing can have polar opposite effects, exemplified in these two posts. While the first user admitted there were problems in the marriage, having the time to sit down, reflect and talk them through has proven to be invaluable.

For the other (apparently) soon-to-be widow, COVID-19 has been a real homewrecker.

It may come as no surprise that the lockdown period has had an adverse effect on all relationships. Who knows, these posts may make you think about your own. At least now you know you have somewhere safe to vent your opinion without the other half finding out.

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