Australian ‘Hero’ Fined After Warning Motorists Of Hidden Speed Cameras

"A modern-day motoring Jesus."

Australian ‘Hero’ Fined After Warning Motorists Of Hidden Speed Cameras

Driving in Australia is often quite an expensive exercise. Rego, green slips, tolls, Luxury Car Tax… It feels like the government’s always hitting you up for something – never mind how much fuel prices have risen lately.

But nothing stings quite as bad as getting a speeding ticket. According to Budget Direct, Australia has the world’s 17th highest fine: $2,530 ($1,847 USD), which you’ll cop for going 45 km/h over the limit in New South Wales. That’s less than the top fine in the United States, but much more than the top fine in Germany and New Zealand, for example.

NSW easily has the most expensive speeding fines in the country, as well as the country’s biggest fleet of speed camera operators. But there’s one young Aussie legend who’s trying to save his fellow motorists from getting speeding tickets – and has become a sort of modern-day Jesus in the process.

17-year-old Beau Jackson has made it his mission to alert motorists of sneaky hidden speed cameras, regularly parking his motorbike with a big sign warning ‘Speed Camera Ahead’ just ahead of unmarked speed camera operators – which is totally legal, if a bit cheeky.

@scamerasloveme Found one finally 🤣 #nsw #government #revenue #speedcamera #australia #fyp ♬ original sound – Speed Cameras Love Me

The Central Coast native, who documents his speed camera escapades on TikTok under the highly appropriate name ‘Speed Cameras Love Me’ (and has earned himself >35k followers for his efforts) is well-loved by locals. But suspiciously, just after Beau was the focus of an A Current Affair interview, he got handed a $250 fine for littering.

“I rang them and they said my sign and some drink cans were on the side of the road,” he told ACA in a follow-up interview, “but I pack up my sign and rubbish and take it home. I still have my sign, so I certainly didn’t leave it on the side of the road.”

“I rang and asked for proof of the rubbish and they said there was no photo… Clearly someone is upset with what I am doing, because I’m costing them revenue.”

We reckon he’s a motoring Jesus, copping fines for our sins! Beau intends to appeal his fine in court. Good luck mate – you’re doing the Lord’s work.

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