Revolutionary New Skin Cancer Check System Could Save Your Life

An epic new skin check reminder tool launched today to help Australians get more regular skin checks and better look after their skin.

Revolutionary New Skin Cancer Check System Could Save Your Life

Australians have not been going to the GP or getting skin checks as often as normal over the last couple of years. This is due to the pandemic. While understandable, this has led to 81,000 people walking around more than usual who may have a skin cancer they don’t know about. According to previous year averages by Cancer Australia, over 81,000 people would have normally been treated for skin cancer – but haven’t – because of the pandemic and associated lock-downs which have made it difficult for people to see their GP or skin cancer clinic for a skin check.

In light of this, Cancer Australia is warning of a dangerous surge in late-stage cancer numbers if people don’t act. This means it’s super important to go and get a skin check. Fortunately, over 98% of skin cancers can be successfully treated if they’re detected early.

Speaking of early detection, a new way of reminding yourself to get a skin check has just today arrived: SPOT.

Skin check. Image via Skin Check Champions

SPOT was created by the Founder of Skin Check Champions, Scott Maggs, formerly known as Jimmy Niggles. Scott lost his mate Wes Bonny to skin cancer at the age of 26 and thinks if something like SPOT was being shared around back then, it might have saved his mate’s life.

Who, exactly, is SPOT? The “Microsoft Paperclip for skin cancer,” SPOT, Scott tells DMARGE, is like a friendly, niggling mate who will do whatever it takes to make sure you get a skin check. SPOT’s cheeky character is not only designed to demystify and destigmatize the skin check process, but to educate Aussies about skin cancer and why early detection and being sun-smart is so important.

“This idea comes from the insight that everyone wants to get checked but never gets around to it,” says Scott. “One of those things that always slides off people’s to-do lists. Life gets in the way. So sometimes you need that niggling friend to make sure that you get it done.”

Start of an ocean swim. Image via Skin Check Champions

“It will change its journey and message depending on where you are and what you do,” Scott explains.

“SPOT’s goal is to make sure you book a skin check, while teaching you about being more sun safe. It lives on Facebook Messenger and is ideally designed to be shared.”

“Once you’ve used it, we encourage people to share it. It gives you a list of closest clinics, reminds you to book an appointment then hassles you the day before (and the hour before) to make sure you get there.”

SPOT also gives you questions to ask the doctor.

Scott says this is more important than ever because the pandemic has led to a 30-40% drop in people visiting skin doctors.

“Already 2 in every 3 Aussies are likely to get skin cancer in their lifetimes but now could be an even more dangerous situation. Basically, we need SPOT out and about to help pick up the slack.”

Head on over to Skin Check Champions for more information.