How To Become A New York City Local In Two Seconds Flat

Apparently, the answer is the swear profusely...

How To Become A New York City Local In Two Seconds Flat

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There are more stereotypes about New York than you can throw a foul-mouthed Yankees supporter at. And one of the main ones is that New Yorkers are all short-tempered.

Speaking of which, actor, comedian, writer and impressionist Stefanie Yunger recently took to social media to say she is “slowly becoming a New Yorker.”

This came accompanied by a video, which shows the moment she realised she is starting to feel at home in The Big Apple. The video features Stefanie doing a piece to camera while walking in the street. She is interrupted by a guy walking past, who says “f*** off.”

She responds: “Shut the f**k up and eat a d***.”

“Love this city.”

The exchange appears to suggest a copping (and dishing out) a bit of verbal spray is a bit like a New Yorkers’ morning constitutional.

Also crucial, apparently, is the quick comeback. As one Instagram user wrote in the coments: “Congratulations, I dub you an official New Yawka 😂 Your comeback was so quick and effortless, without having skipped a beat. Awesome!”

We don’t know exactly how often New Yorkers tell each other to get f****d. But Yunger is far from the first person to perpetrate (alright, create comedy out of) this cliche.

Iconic publication The New Yorker itself last year shared some classic advice on how to look like a New York local – and there’s more to it than being an asshole.

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They say that on arrival back in the city, you may take a photo through the plane window (if you must), but that you mustn’t add a cheesy caption. Instead write: “Back in hell.”

The New Yorker also suggests you add phrases like, “‘hello,’ ‘where is the bathroom?,’ ‘Can you f***ing believe de Blasio?,’ ‘Can you f***ing believe Adams?,’ and ‘Giuliani!!! Can you f***ing BELIEVE HIM?!’” to your vocabulary.

Locals also always use the subway and Google Maps, according to The New Yorker.

“When in doubt, use Google Maps. Don’t worry, using Google Maps does not make you seem like a tourist. Even when I know where I’m going, I refresh Google Maps constantly. This is because I am incredibly high strung; what could possibly be more New York than that?”

Other habits you’re bound to pick up in New York are ordering loads of your meals via delivery apps, basing your dating life to an unhealthy degree around public transport, multitasking, carrying cash, and drinking from the tap.