Switzerland Just Became The Most Lucrative Place In The World For A Guy To Have Sex

"We're up all night to get...money."

Chocolate. Watches. Cheese. Vitamin tablets. Hang gliding. Wing suits. The Alps. Switzerland has long been a gap-year staple. However, there’s now another reason to visit the land of questionably legal bank accounts: sex. And not just any sex.

You might think you’ve won the lottery just by lucking into a romantic encounter with a Swiss lass or lad, however, this could just be the start of your good fortune. Why? On Monday 400,000 condoms were given to the Swiss public, the packaging of each containing a lottery ticket, in an effort to raise awareness for HIV prevention.

According to Swiss Info, “The campaign’s slogan is ‘join in and win’, to promote the idea that if people protect themselves during sexual intercourse using a condom, they are winners.” The campaign is funded by the Federal Office of Public Health, and is an important initiative considering recent data, which showed a fifth of Swedes have slept with more than 20 people.

“Those participating in the competition can win over 3,500 prices sponsored by various companies nationwide.”

As reported by Swiss Info, “The health office invests some CHF2 million ($2 million) every year into its ‘Love Life’ HIV prevention campaign,” to which the steadily decreasing no. of sexually transmittable diseases has been attributed.

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