Ben Handsaker Begins Brutal ‘Marathon Murph’ World Record Challenge That David Goggins Would Love

Stay hard, folks.

Ben Handsaker Begins Brutal ‘Marathon Murph’ World Record Challenge That David Goggins Would Love

A bunch of fitness-fanatic Sydney locals have begun their world-record attempt at a gruelling ‘Marathon Murph’ that takes one of David Goggins‘ favourite and most notorious challenges but somehow makes it. so much harder.

Only a matter of months after Bondi local and fitness nut Ben Handsaker (@abstacker) took on a 48-hour ultramarathon that would make even the most hardened athletes shudder, he’s back at it again with a challenge that somehow raises the bar even further.

Beginning at 3:30am on Tuesday morning, Handsaker and his crew of equally committed crew set off on a marathon run — that/s 26.2 miles or 42.2km for the uninitiated. While this would be enough to put most of us out for the count, this is only the very beginning for Hadnsaker and his band of merry Murphers…

WATCH: Ben Handsaker explains the brutal challenge to local media:

Once the marathon is complete, each participant must then complete 1000 pull-ups, followed by 2000 push-ups, and then 3000 air squats. While the thought of doing 30 air squats directly after a marathon is enough to have this write running (or limping) for the hills, Handsaker and his team then plan to complete yet another marathon after their squat session, with an estimated finish time of midnight.

This 21-hour-long challenge will undoubtedly be gruelling, but it may be worth the pain… If Handsaker completes the challenge, this will be a world-record-breaking feat. However, Handsaker is keen to emphasise that this is not a competition between individuals, this is a team effort where your only opponent is the voice in your head telling you to call it a day:

“Anyone and everyone is encouraged to jump in and do what they can. Challenge yourself and run a personal best, or set your own record for pull ups, push ups or squats. IT’S YOU VS YOU.”

Ben Handsaker

Naturally, this isn’t just taking place for the sake of vain glorious world records or a sheer lust for pain: Handsaker is collaborating with the Commando Welfare Trust, a non-profit organisation committed to providing support to the families and friends of the Commando Regiments.

Ben Handsaker meeting fitness hero David Goggins, who inspired both these challenges. Image: @abstacker

Earlier this year, Bondi local Handsaker posted a GoFundMe stating some of Australia’s most damning domestic violence statistics before managing to raise over $6,000 AUD for charity Friends With Dignity by doubling David Goggins’ brutal 4x4x48 challenge.

The resulting “8x4x48” doubled the run miles of the original and added three gruelling weighted Murph workouts into the mix too. For the blissfully unaware, a Murph workout is a CrossFit go-to where you do 100 pull-ups, 200, push-ups, and 300 bodyweight squats with a run on either side…

Handsaker claims to have told the fitness legend Goggins about his previous challenge when they crossed paths at a recent dinner. Goggins told Handsaker:

“That’s a lot of miles, brother – but you have got this”.

David Goggins, speaking to Ben Handsaker

God only knows what the man himself would have to say about this new feat of endurance. While it may not be everyone’s idea of a soft launch back into the working week after a public holiday, we know that people get their kicks in all sorts of ways. As long as Handsaker and his team are enjoying themselves and raising some money for a good cause in the process, then we’re all for it.

Blister plasters at the ready…